Reviews for McDonald's in Green Valley, AZ

KipKoi 1 year ago

Literally heard a manager screaming at an employee in front of everyone. EXTREMELY unprofessional and not to mention degrading.... I saw her name tag, her name was Norma. Read more

Nancy Reed 1 year ago

For the last two days, I have ordered a Sausage McMuffin and received a Sausage McMuffin with egg instead. I cannot eat eggs so... I wish that your employees would be more careful. Read more

Glenn Simmonds Jr 1 year ago

How is it that your food is more expensive and takes longer to get, when you do get it the order is wrong or missing something.... Really getting tired of McDonald's. Would rather travel longer to get better service! Read more

ronaz 1 year ago

It's faster using the drive thru than it is using the mobile app. Everyone parks in the mobile app pickup spaces, they even... block them off for deliveries which means you can't pickup your order. However, staff is always pleasant. Read more

Dannie Testerman 1 year ago

Very good! Fast Service. ???????????????? Another enjoyable Breakfast. Like the Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit. ???? Temperature... at 100 degree Ice Cream Cone would taste very good. Small in size but Delicious. ???????????????? Today got a Mc Griddle with abag of Ice. Great way to start the day. ???? Today bacon egg and cheese biscuit and a large Coke. Very good! ???? 8/6/22 Anotherbacon egg cheese biscuit with large Coke ???? Read more

Peggy Guyton 1 year ago

This restaurant is really dirty Tables are never clean and you have to ask someone to clean them . Bathrooms are not clean dirty... walls and trash always overflowing. Use to go daily thinking about finding a better place. Always have trouble with the app andcan never can scan the code because their machines don't work. Read more

Kadynn Hatfield 1 year ago

The night shift (manager?) blonde hair in a pony tail was amazing! So very nice and helpful. I made a mistake with my rewards... but she gave it to me anyways. Such a positive and helpful person it was hard to believe I was at fast food. Read more

Thomas Robinson 1 year ago

Third time this week with an incorrect order, giving me a hard time about a remake. I make minimum wage (work in the fast food... industry) I can barely afford to eat much less spend gas money every time they make a mistake. I don?t get what?s difficultabout a quarter pounder with cheese and ketchup only. I have good diction and speak English which is not to take away fromanyone who does not it?s just a point I?m trying to make. I do not understand for the life of me what I?m doing wrong when Iorder from here... I guess I will starve tonight. Pickles and mustard on a burger when I explicitly asked for ketchup and cheeseonly. Sad but not as sad as my miserable existence. Read more