Reviews for Burger King in Greenwood, MS

Basil Muhammad 1 year ago

A pretty good menu,but the servers' willingness to make it"our way" & even the mgr. just really satisfied our visit!

Johnnie Riley 1 year ago

Do not know how to flame broiler The meat wet on your bread not hot need to be train!! Manager has bad attitude followed me out... fight throwing out hints need to be replaced Read more

Samantha Moore 1 year ago

Always opening up late and constantly having you pull forward or backup so it doesn?t show how long you?ve been sitting there... waiting on your food. Ended up not getting anything to eat because they said they wouldn?t be open till 7:00-7:30 am. Read more

Felisha L Cooper (Fefe) 1 year ago

Good food when it's fresh and I door dash orders.

Sam Goodell 2 years ago

I entered an empty store at 10:30 in the morning. I was ignored for 5 minutes by staff. I ordered 2 number 4s, with 2... coffees. The only concern of staff was the drive thru window customers. It took over 10 minutes for my food to be placed on thecounter. Then, the server decided to brew the coffee I ordered. When the coffee was finally ready, she just sat it on thecounter and looked at me. I told her I needed the coffee put in something so I could carry it and the bag, out to my car. Shejust stood there giving me the stink eye. Finally another person gave me a cup holder. The food was nice cold by the time I gotin my car. Absolutely ridiculous. It does not take a lot to work in fast food. I did it as a teenager. They were either high orjust sorry. Read more

Becca Robertson 4 years ago

It took them 10 minutes just to take my order. Then he repeated my order back to me correctly and then it wasn?t rang up... correctly. They told me to back behind the pole so that their buzzer and their timer wouldn?t be going off. Then took them 20minutes to give me my incorrect order when he was fixing my food as I was sitting there before I ever paid. 100% not happy. And100% will NOT be going back! Read more

Elizabeth Bailey 4 years ago

It was awful u first walk n a manger holloring at a employee the fries were cold the tacos were even worse nothing but beans and... salsa and maybe a couple pieces of lettuce and cheese I will not be recommending the tacos to no one Read more

JJ O'Bryant 5 years ago

The staff member was courteous and thorough. Our order was correct and complete upon receiving it. The dessert selection was... very nice....they have a variety of quality items that should satisfy most people's sweet tooth. I will be a repeat customer. Read more