Reviews for Burger King in Hermantown, MN

King_splash938 Perkanator 1 year ago

Will tasky was treating me very poorly and wouldn?t get me the right food

Alisha Baumchen 1 year ago

The cashier was very delightful, asked how my Monday evening was going and did a very good job.

Juice Box 1 year ago

Super slow. Under staffed and locked their doors 10 mins before the store actually closes. Pretty disappointing.

Mike 1 year ago

This is one of my son's favorite Burger Kings. They seem to make his chicken sandwich the right way every time.

Energizer Bunny 1 year ago

I came in 20 min to close for a quick bite. The Cashier was very friendly and uplifting. The food came out fast and was hot.... Thanks Peter! Read more

Jesse Brockman 1 year ago

Had a double bacon cheese burger meal. Food was great. Wait in the drive thru line was quite long though.

Danielle J 2 years ago

This Burger King is amazing. Their food is always fresh tasting whether I'm coming in at the slowest part of the day or in the... middle of rush hour. They have not once messed up my order and I do subtract things from it due to my plant based diet. Icommend Burger King in general for their plant based options and this Burger King in particular for its excellent service. Read more

Joseph Douville 2 years ago

Waited in line for 20 minutes to get food definitely the longest wait I?ve ever had at a fast food restaurant. My order was for... one of their new sourdough bacon kings and the bun wasn?t toasted at all was like sandwich bread which didn?t taste good andonion rings were cold. I ended up throwing away my meal would have gone back but didn?t want to wait in line again Read more