Reviews for China Star Family Restaurant in Hermantown, MN

dan cadotte 1 year ago

I never had cold fried rice in a Chinese restaurant before, so that sucked. The waitress never checked on me. The only time I... saw her was to bring the bill. I won't be back. Read more

Neville King 1 year ago

Its cheap. We went for lunch, had the special. It was terrible. The place is very run down and dirty. I wish I had gone... elsewhere. Would not recommend. Read more

Jen Copeland 1 year ago

This place is terrible. My husband and I ate here last week, he ordered an egg drop soup but it was very thick, cold and... inedible, he complained to the waitress but we got charge for it anyway. My husband ordered another dish which was beef andvegetable and fried rice, half of the vegetables is celery and the waitress forgot the fried rice. The cashier doesnt look veryhappy that we complained about the bad food so my husband and I decided to not waste our time and money here ever again. Read more

Michael Miceli 1 year ago

Good specials for lunch. Very friendly service and fast. Zero complaints. Needs an overhaul on esthetics.

Sharon Taylor 1 year ago

Decent price food was tasty but heavy on the celery egg roll had unusual spice I didn't care for.

Hussein Ahmed 1 year ago

We always have to stop at this place. Food was good, ample parking spot and great service. I also loved the ancient Chinese... decor of the place. This is a long-standing eatery in Duluth. Read more

Kim Dertinger 1 year ago

Our first time there. The food was amazing and watching your one waitress move around so gracefully waiting on a full house was... incredible. She?s a keeper. Read more

Brooke-Lynn Taylor 1 year ago

The wait staff was absolutely wonderful and so kind, but the food.... well first of all I have been to other china stars and was... very confused when this wasn't a buffet (as was the table next to us) and I ordered chicken chow mein. Every single restaurant ihave ever been to serves chow mein with NOODLES. This was werved with a bunch of veggies, the thinnest bits of chichen ever, andthen.... the salad topping type crunchy chow mein at the bottom of everything? What on earth. So I ordered a 'small side ofplain lo mein to add to my food' and they proceeded to give me the most comically large portion of food ive ever recieved. Whichwould have been fine if a bit silly if the food was GOOD. Extremely thin, dry noodles with a strange almost saurkraut-liketaste. Awful. Maybe it would have helped if there was literally any pictures of any of the food on the menu- its just words soyou have no idea what to expect. I probably won't be coming back. For fun here is the enormous pile of noodles I was given. Read more