Reviews for McDonald's in Hernando, MS

S. Brown-Jeans 1 year ago

Food was ok... it was raining so really couldn't judge attitudes ???????????

Presley Toungett 1 year ago

The workers were so rude. They got my order messed up and made me wait 20 extra minutes just to make my food. I don?t recommend... going here unless you want awful service and impolite people serving you. Read more

Cindy McCarver 1 year ago

Quick, fast food service. Not friendly, but it's standard now days. Boo buckets on point! ????

Paul Camp 1 year ago

Could not get my order right , the fries are not getting cooked long enough and the women at the window were to busy talking to... other workers to pay us any attention. They need to fire everyone and start over, this is not the service we are use to inHernando. Show some pride in your work clean up your language, pay attention. Read more

Mike Osborne 1 year ago

They have been getting my order right most of the time. They have a very good manager.

Lynne 1 year ago

I have no idea what is going on with McDonald?s breakfast shift in HeRnAnDo. Three times this week my order has been wrong. Two... times I went in and had it change one time I didn?t bother because I was in a rush. Today when I went in to let them know I didnot receive one item in my order the manager Londa was l rude. She was in capable of understanding what was wrong with theorder. Instead of trying to fix it she was trying to take items out of my order that should?ve been in there. The managementupper management there needs to review the footage from the video this morning which landa was pointed out to me and see howwrong the manager was in this situation. The manager Londa then tried to bring other employees into the situation putting theminto an uncomfortable situation I did ask one of the employees who witnessed the entire encounter if I was not communicatingcorrectly with her or what the situation was and she was very polite and smart and said I think there was just miscommunicationon both sides. This manager needs training on how to deal with customers. Other members of the staff there are always verypolite and I?ve never had this problem before and I go to McDonald?s in HeRnAnDo usually twice a day and sometimes more. Read more

spicydirt 1 year ago

Nice staff, and a lady (who I assume to be a manager) came up to our table and made sure everything was okay and we all got what... we wanted. We were also talked to and treated very nicely. Read more

Neely Williams 2 years ago

They didn?t put meat on my cheeseburger but how do you forget