Reviews for Chick-fil-A in Hot Springs, AK

Preston Partin 1 year ago

Everything was great but the parking lot was full. They were very busy!! I'll try to get there early next time!

Gretchen 1 year ago

Always the best organized and efficient drive-through. Hot fresh food. Accurate order. Great staff

Bart Bump 1 year ago

Stopped in for lunch with a friend on our way to Lowes and it's peculiar now. It's been years since I've been there bc i try... not to get on that side of town in any daylight hours bc traffic is beyond atrocious, well i battled it that day. Get in thedrive thru and you are met by 1 of 2 employees to take your order. Luckily my friend pulled up the menu on the phone to evenknow what they had. Long story short, i got what she got, the wrap. It came with an avocado lime dressing which was reallygood. The fries were lacking and the sweet tea didn't last long enough. So, in summary, bad traffic, drive thruguess-a-meal, mediocre lunch, lowes successful, road rage subdued and safe home arrival. Whew!!!! What a day for chick-fil-a Read more

tyann Turner 1 year ago

Food was very good..but I was expecting more for the price. I got a salad and hubby got 2 chicken strips and waffle fry and 3... small shakes...and it was 30. Dollars! And the chicken strips were tiny. I understand everything is going up but I thought itwas pretty expensive for no more than we got Read more

T W 1 year ago

Went to go take the last bite of my chicken sandwich and thankfully It didn?t all fit and I spit the last bite out. There was a... CATERPILLAR IN IT. Disgusting, avoid this place. My hair is standing on end just thinking about it. Read more

Shawn Mabry 1 year ago

So this is what you get now at Chick-fil-A Hot Springs after waiting thru the long drive thru lines? Half full fries and 7... count nugget in one box. There is no excuses for this and don?t want to hear any either.!! Read more

Jane Turtle 1 year ago

I love this place. The staff is friendly. The food is wonderful. You can tell they value team work and good quality. I would... recommend this place to anyone looking for fresh tasting quality food in fast food Read more

Matt King 3 years ago

Great service and food! Polynesian sauce is the best! Had our food ready before we got out straws and sauces. Everything was... really fresh too especially the lettuce! Read more