Reviews for Hibachi Sushi Buffet in Hot Springs, AK

Chelsea Q 1 year ago

I say this as kindly as I can... I am from out of town, roughly an hour or so away. I was looking for lunch on a Tuesday around... 12:30ish and decided to try this place due to the amount of reviews and 4 star rating. Wonderful selection of food. Biggest Ihave seen. Staff was friendly and the atmosphere was quiet and calm even with many people. The reason for my low rating isbecause the food had zero flavor. It all tasted like oil and that's it. I even tried several options and it all had no flavor.My fiancé even agreed and he usually loves Chinese/Hibachi food. I'd pass honestly unless you want to get full without worryingabout flavor. Read more

Jill Messenger 1 year ago

Service was quick and efficient. We arrived 1 hour and 20 minutes before closing on a Thursday night. As expected with a late... hour, the selection was leaner than during the dinner rush, but there was still plenty to choose from. The sushi is decent forbuffet sushi. The creamed spinach is incredible. Overall an above-average Hibachi Buffet. We will be back anytime we are needinga quick bite to eat. Read more

Skrimpy Bitches 1 year ago

4 stars with my only complaint about the food was the fried rice was a little off, maybe it was just that day though. A little... more pricy than I would normally like to pay for an Asian buffet but the food, other than fried rice, was exceptional. Theservice was great and my fiance and I were well taken care of. Nice selection on food choices with all seemingly fresh. Read more

J N 1 year ago

Never going back. The food is good but they have started pressuring for tips. They hover and watch and then start yelling at... each other when you go to pay. I will leave a tip if I feel the service is good but if you start pressuring before I am finishedeating, then you can forget it. This is also why we quit going to the other buffet across town. The very same. Haven't beenback there and this was my last trip here. Read more

?? 1 year ago

Very tasty food,clean and nice place .We all have a wonderful dining experience .

Ethan Chua 1 year ago

Large spread that was unexpectedly decent and affordable. The sushi itself was mediocre but the Chinese spread was good with... lots of fresh vegetables and real proteins. Liked the fried and grilled catfish on the western spread too. There?s boiled shrimphidden together with the salad. Fresh fruit and other sweets among the desserts options. Very local clientele looking for a goodmeal before getting back to work. Read more

Cody Hair 1 year ago

This is the best Asian buffet I have ever been to. There is a certain level of quality you expect when it comes to these places,... however this one exceeds that. I have come here twice for dinner the past two evenings! Read more

Devin Anthony 1 year ago

I?ll start with the service. Absolutely A-1 service. Waiter was extremely attentive for this being a buffet. Sweet tea... 7/10 Fried fish 8/10 Light Fried shrimp 7/10 Butterfly fried shrimp 4/10 Frog legs 7/10 Spicy shrimp in red sauce 5/10 Coconutshrimp 8/10 Boiled crawfish 3/10 (just use zatarains seasoning) that?s not how to season crawfish. Salt n pepper fried shrimp6/10 Fried plantains 7/10 Fried rice 6/10 Lo mein 7/10 Krab Rangoon 7/10 Sweet and sour chicken 3/10 (sauce is a 8/10 ,very drychicken) Fried sushi 4/10 Snow crab sushi 6/10 Spicy crab sushi 5/10 Mint ice cream 8/10 Cookies and cream ice cream 7/10 Billwas 35.28 for dinner time. Read more