Reviews for Panda Express in Hot Springs National Park, AK

Sandra Schee 1 year ago

It's good, could use more meat. Rice was dry tasting. The orange chicken tasted really good and it was really warm,

Queen KoRenda 1 year ago

Food on THIS visit was sub-par, the staff was loudly talking about personal things, swearing like they are at home talking to... friends. It was not an enjoyable experience in any way. All girl crew, one kept talking about how late she had to work. She toldus 11, told customer behind us 11:30. By the time we were about to leave, it was midnight. Abysmal. Read more

Joshua James 1 year ago

I took my son (3) here for lunch while we were running errands. He loves Panda. We?ve been here several times and it?s kind of... inconsistent tbh. If you go during peak hours it?s good, outside peak hours it?s pretty hit and miss. This day it was reallygood. They were very busy and a couple customers were impatient. The food was fresh and fast. There was one employee, Emily, whowas particularly impressive. Emily was out working EVERYONE. That?s not to say anything negative about the other employees, itwas a lunch rush and as a former long-term industry worker, I can spot the leader who keeps the team together. There was aspill, she cleaned it. The supplies needed stocked, she stocked them. The line needed stocked, she called for the items. Shealso took the time to make sure my son got a fortune cookie after we?d already been served. Assuming she?s not already shiftleader or manager, she should be. I just wanted to take the time to say great job. That kind of work ethic does get noticedeven if it feels like it doesn?t. Read more

frank massingill 1 year ago

Food was really good but a bit pricey. Some items we wanted they didn't have ready so there was a bit of a delay. Overall... experience was good. Read more

Lexi Clark 1 year ago

I dont like to leave bad reviews because you never know how someones day has been but this restaurant has some issues. I love... this restaurant we used to eat panda at jax,fl location and here in benton. The first time we walked in this location it hadlooked like someone had, had a food fight. There was food everywhere, messy tables, a spilt drink under one of the tables. Imthinking man they must have had a huge rush because you know, panda food is amazing but we goto eat and theres no one in lineand employees are cuttin up behind the counter. Im not talking about 1 table mess im describing 4 tables with food and drinksspilt all over the floor tables. Food was greasy, slimy then the honey walnut shrimp was like eating soggy cardboard. I believethat was about a month ago. We stop this time, it was alot cleaner. Dude behind the counter was rude as hell and the food wasstill meh. Im not a picky eater and I still had trouble eating it, lastly here is the cream cheese ragoon. First one greasefilled. Second one had a sliver of the cream cheese in the middle in it. Third one didnt have anything! Love their food but willnever eat at this location again. Read more

Stephanie Claggett 2 years ago

It was very delicious. My daughter loved it mostly. It was a nice lunch together. The fried rice was very good, not dry nor... burnt flavor. Beef n broccoli very good. We loved the broccoli!! Read more

Taylor Natale 2 years ago

First time coming in. First person I met was Tonya and she was not very welcoming in the least. No one told me I came in the... wrong door so I ordered. She put it in a Togo bag without asking. I sat and tried to eat but the food was awful. The workersseem very unhappy. Not a good time. Paid 18 for this and it's just average. No sauces to go with or anything.....sorry badexperience Read more

Jessica Rivera 6 years ago

Fast, fresh, and delicious, but the staff was not friendly. They didn?t ask me if I wanted to round my change up for charity(I... always do and had to ask them to do so), they didn?t smile, they didn?t offer soy or any other sauces, and the water fountain inthe lobby was broken and they didn?t offer a glass from the drive thru fountain. Very disappointed in staffing, but 4 starsearned from food alone. Would still return and recommend. Read more