Reviews for Barrett's Grill in Hunt Valley, MD

Iesha F. 1 year ago

Listen... This place is amazing!! The food.. delicious! The staff.. attentive, friendly, and fast! The atmosphere.. casually... chill. Stopped here for a quick bite and drink with friends. We let the server know that we had about 40 minutes to sit, order,eat/drink, pay, and leave and she made sure that we were taken care of. It was a nice day, so we sat outside on the coveredpatio. We had the shrimp and grits, a glass of wine, the Pineapple Passion martinis, and the chef's 1/2 sandwich and soup lunchspecial. Everything was good!! The corn and crab soup did not disappoint! The shrimp and grits was well seasoned and flavorful.Those cocktails... Whew... If we weren't in a rush, I definitely would have stayed to drink another. They were the right balanceof sweetness and alcohol. Do yourself a favor and stop by. You can thank me later! And for those wondering, we made it to ournext destination in time with full bellies. Read more

Evan Turzanski 1 year ago

I was debating on what restaurant to visit and Barrett's did not disappoint. First of all my hat's off to the wait staff.... Despite being very crowded they came to me no less than every 5 min to see if I was good. It was not just my waitress butvarious members of the staff. When the drink I ordered initially arrived I saw the overwhelming humber of Ice cubes and assumedit would be mostly juice or water but it was surprisingly strong. Next came the Salmon. I was initially craving the breadpudding but the salmon had a sauce that was best described as 60% sweet 40% savory. It also fell apart as I plunged my knifeinto it ... simply beautiful. Needless to say it killed my drive to eat desert. This was a great experience, I highly recommendthis restaurant for the combination of outstanding food and service. Read more

Michelle Moody 1 year ago

Barrett's Grill is a nice restaurant with lots of outdoor seating when the weather is not so sweltering. I had dinner with a... friend and we had the crab crostini appetizer and they were delicious. However, I wished our server would have told us that theywere $30. I guess that's to be expected with the price of crab nowadays. I had the salmon with roasted cauliflower and both werevery delicious. My friend had the shrimp and grits which also came with andouille sausage. She said that it was absolutelywonderful. I do wish there were more shrimp options on the menu, but the menu did offer a variety. For those who like the littlespirit there were plenty of those to be had. The place is smaller inside than it seems but it's nice and cozy and the atmospherewas quaint. I would definitely come again with my husband for a nice dinner. Read more

msninir 1 year ago

We were greeted/seated by the pleasant hostess as soon as we arrived and had the pleasure of having Bruce as our server this... morning for brunch. He was pleasant, professional and very attentive - our drinks never reached the bottom without Bruce askingif we'd like another. We had the Maryland omelette with potatoes and the pancakes with bacon which were both very good. Thefinal touch was the staff member holding the door open as we left. Top notch service and good food! We will definitely return! Read more

Sandra Norum 1 year ago

Loved the pineapple passion drink, and the food was great. Our waitress Carly (not sure if that's spelt right) was wonderful. I... have celiac and she did a great job with checking if I could eat different things on the menu and great service overall. ???? Read more

Lauren Grote 1 year ago

Good food, great service...give them a try! Went on a Thursday evening, very busy & seemed a little understaffed (which of... course is normal pretty much anywhere these days). After waiting for about 15 minutes, our party of 4 was seated outside. Ourserver, Michelle, was attentive & friendly, providing great service. Some of the dishes we enjoyed were the blackened chickenpasta, wild mushroom bacon risotto, tenderloin skewers, calamari and strawberry fields salad. Our flatbread was served soggy &room temperature unfortunately. Portions were sufficient. Cocktails could have been better but overall we enjoyed our dinner &our 1st time to Barrett's Grill. Read more

Marlo Palmer 1 year ago

This was our first visit here and I have to admit it was really disappointing. The service was extremely slow from the moment we... sat down at our table. The table that was seated after us were given their menus first and drinks. When our server finallyarrived we were ready to order drinks, appetizers and our entrees. Once they were placed, we didn't see her for over 15 minutesto the point other servers asked if we had even ordered because we didn't even have water or bread which should have been givenimmediately. Finally, another gentleman( floor manager or manager) brought us our drinks. After about another 10 minutes, ourserver tells us that one of the appetizers we ordered was out. Ok, no big deal, it just would have been nice to know thatsooner. Now on to the food: I ordered shrimp escargot which was interesting. Instead of snails it was shrimp with cheese, abutter sauce and slices of a baguette. The shrimp were super overcooked and dry which is crazy because it was covered withcheese and soaked in a pool of butter. It had potential to be good but wasn't. For my entree, I had the chicken marsala withbroccoli. It looked delicious but with my first bite I was overwhelmed with salt that I couldn't even taste the marsala sauce. Iwanted to send it back but feared we would have to wait to long and my husband was starving at this point. He ordered the lambShank with mash potatoes. The lamb was perfectly cooked and really good but the sauce that was paired with it just really didn'tmake the dish. Needless to say we were just really let down and the gentleman who help us before must have noticed thedisappointment in our faces as he discounted our check some. He explained it was new staff and apologized for the lack lusterexperience. I really appreciated that. I get that things can happen and don't get me wrong our server was super friendly andpolite. Maybe we will visit again when its not to crowded. Read more

Stephanie Hudson 2 years ago

My mom and I went to lunch here on a Sunday and had a great time. Service was wonderful, food was very tasty, and the... atmosphere was relaxing. I ordered the French dip and will certainly be back for that again! Read more