Reviews for Iwa sushi in Inver Grove Heights, MN

Kalin Abriyam 1 year ago

Got a fried rice, philly, and sweet potato rolls. Lots of places make an acceptable sweet potato roll, but theirs was fantastic.... As silly as it is, that has been a pretty good metric for how good everything else is for food. The staff was prompt, and quitefriendly. Will absolutely go back again. Read more

Pamela Peterson 1 year ago

First timers here. My hubby and I have seen good reviews and one of our sons gave the hubby a gift card for Father's day. We... ordered take out from the website. Initially we thought they were kind of pricey, but when I picked up out order I realizedthat the amount was extremely generous which makes it a very good value. I food was flavorful and cooked spot on. Both sushiand tepanyaki was very good. We will definitely be back for take out or maybe try dining in. Read more

jay austad 1 year ago

This place is great. The specialty rolls are out this world, even my picky kids who "hate" sushi like them. The BMW roll is... their favorite. They just added ramen to the menu. I haven't had it yet, but I am excited to try it. The bar and sushi bar areboth great places to chill out with a friend or two for some drinks and food. Read more

Dustin Morris 1 year ago

Terrible place to go. Mrs got hibachi chicken over cooked hard and disgusting. I got sushi and everything was warm, wanted to... throw up the entire way home. Server was also very rude and dismissed our 8 year old daughter when ordering food and drinks.Literally just left there and we could've left fast enough. Read more

Patrick Jensen 1 year ago

I ordered one dynamite roll and a side of wontons. I thought the sushi was OK. Not as good as other places I've been. A bit... pricey ringing in at $30 w/ tip. Read more

Sue Anderson 1 year ago

We have loved the restaurant in the past. The food quality and taste is still excellent. Unfortunately the service was poor... today. There were only 2 parties eating at lunch today, and our server couldn't be bothered to look up from her cell phone totake our order or check on us throughout the meal. Also, the wifi connection was streaming poorly, so the whole lunch welistened to music that halted and started. Hoping the server was simply having a tough day, we would love to be back if thingsimprove. Read more

Mai Chong Yang 2 years ago

Horrible door dashing services! I was working as a dasher and took an order from this restaurant. Went in to pick up items and I... can see one brown bag on the table by the front register but no name. I went closer to view the items ordered and noticed itmatched my order. As I'm looking around for someone to help, a tall skinny Asian lady walks over while talking on the phone andstarred at me, than Demanded me to look at the bag for the name. As I was checking for the name, I did not see it and shesnatched the bag/ receipt flipped it over and walked away with a lot of rude attitude. I said out loud that she did not need tobe that rude and who would have known the name was on the other side as the receipt was stapled where the name was NOT visible.I asked to speak to a manager but she claimed she was the manager. I informed her that I wanted to speak to someone else and nother. She continued to say she is the manager. If she was the manager at this restaurant, she needs to re take management/customer friendly service classes. She was horrible rude, very disrespectful, and I will not ever dash here again! *** Clearlyas you can see her comment below. Very unprofessional and very rude. I've worked in customer service for many years and withmany talented management. Definitely can say this manager does not have great customer service. She picks and choose who shewants to be nice to. As for my part, I called since I was on a dash and did not want to make a scene in the restaurant as therewere people and children in there. You refused to let me talk with someone else. Don't be rude and next time, staple the receiptwhere the name is visible! Read more

Briana Nicole 3 years ago

I was randomly in the neighborhood running to Target and saw this place and thought "Mmm, sushi sounds good!" I was not... disappointed one bit. Everything was delicious, the drinks and food. I got a little bit of everything. I always seem to overdothings. Lol. The Lisa Crunch Roll, Veggie Tempura and Hibachi Filet Mignon and Shrimp. All yummy. But the best part was ourserver, Everett. From the moment we walked in until the moment we left he was so pleasant to be around. One of the sweetest andmost kind people I've met. So yes! If you're ever in the neighborhood and craving sushi look no further. I know I'll be back forsure and will request Everett as my server ? Read more