Reviews for McDonald's in Iowa City, IA

Melody Atterberg 1 year ago

Food was very dry, didn't taste fresh.

Blah Blahh 1 year ago

When you pay the astonishing amount of $9 for a 10 piece mc nugget meal i expect the sauce to be in the bag when I told them the... sauce I wanted and the drink to be correct. This wasnt even a busy time of the day. If people are getting paid at least doubleminimum wage and they mess up orders like this the consumer should be alowed to throat punch someone in the store. Noone shouldEVER have a wrong order when basic jobs are paying 18 dollars an hour. Read more

Alex 1 year ago

Literally the worst McDonald in the state. The daytime manager is the worst. Twice now they have lost my mobile order and she... has no idea what is going on. I?ll drive 100 miles to another McDonald?s to avoid this one in the future. If I could give itnegative 100 stars I would Read more

Britney Grycki 1 year ago

Usually pretty fast and always friendly. Haven't gotten an order wrong on me yet, even when busy.

Shelby Sheets 1 year ago

Terrible customer service. The drive thru attendant was super rude and so was the manager when I called in to file a complaint.... Won't be eating here again. Read more

Alan Schaefer 1 year ago

Came on Monday at 1pm and by all accounts the dining room should be open. Besides online, the physical door hours said so. Doors... still locked. Totally wasted trip. Read more

Rvrse 1 year ago

Food is fine but there is a worker that doesn?t fill my smoothies up to the top and takes off about an inch and I feel like I?m... paying more for a smaller portion. The worker works late at night, I think around 9-11. This was on a Monday but has happenedmultiple times on other days. Didn?t happen before? very dissatisfied????. Read more

Public Enemy 1 1 year ago

I couldn't believe how fast our mobile order was delivered to the car, and it was accurate, out of the three stores in the metro... area, I'll prefer this one in the future. I even asked for a cup of ice and the man even made a special trip and brought mesome. The wait at other locations I've been to in the past were about 7 minutes. I barely was in the parking lot pressingsend, and maybe 2 minutes later our food was out. Some college age kids decided to park next to us in another mobile orderdesignated spot and walked in, SHAME ON THEM. Read more