Reviews for Subway in Italy, TX

Satvik Barre 1 year ago

Good to grab some food. Not super clean

C 1 year ago

the worker who attended us was friendly but the service was very slow since there is only one person, there was only white bread... and whole wheat, only one type of chicken. ingredients were missing on the table Read more

Donald R. 1 year ago

Just an average subway experience. I wish they could make a sandwich that looks like the ones on their own advertisements. At... this location they used the least amount of vegetables possible, nothing like the display photos. Read more

Funmilayo Coker 2 years ago

I had to stop by to say that this subway should indeed be separated from the rest. Not only is everything fresh and nicely... prepared, But Tucker is the perfect addition to it all. She?s so kind, professional, and makes a subway experience something tobrag about. I don?t know if she?s the manager, but she surely needs a promotion, as I can tell, she loves her job and trulycares about the success of this business, I?ll surely be back. Read more

joshua chambers 2 years ago

Manager is way more worried about pleasing his adolescent employees and staying their friends than keeping things... professional... the male manager does not manage this restaurant as much as he uses it as his playpen and let's his littlebrothers girlfriend do whatever she wants. Just a heads up to the real bosses losing money over this. Read more

Micah McQueen 2 years ago

I came here with a subway gift card and the staff said they had no way to take a gift card payment?

Chris X. Moloney 3 years ago

They claim to no longer carry some items due to supply chain issues. Very strange. Also, they can get very busy.... Under-staffed... 1 person working at 2P on a busy Friday.. No Tea at all, which is also lazy. Otherwise it?s a normal Subway. Read more

Julie Winter 6 years ago

One of the couple of restaurant choices in the speed trap of Italy TX. The restaurant in the other side has gone out of business... and my guess is the Subway isn?t far behind. Most of the sandwich toppings were empty and had ice condensation on thecontainers. There was one guy working the entire place which is scary since he used the sandwich gloves to take money. I waited10 minutes and couldn?t shake the feeling that since the meat container holding the meat I wanted wasn?t frozen over, it mightnot be cold at all. Couldn?t shake that glove violation either. So I left. Bathrooms are clearly marked for customers only,which I was when I went in. Fully expect my citation to show up in the mail. Read more