Reviews for McDonald's in Ithaca, MI

Maddisyn Browne 1 year ago

Ordered 2 cheeseburgers plain. Got 2 burgers with everything on them..went back through and explained the issue. Everyone was... very polite, and they gave me 2 burgers made correctly, along with 2 more burgers and correctly. Was upset at first, but aftereveryone was as polite as they were and not only fixed their mistake, but also gave me an extra 2 burgers, I was very pleasedwith my service here. Read more

Laurie Gault 1 year ago

Went in ordered our lunch and within minutes we were walking out it was easy and the workers were very nice in the place is... clean Read more

Jillian Skym 1 year ago

Manager was rude, was not helpful, the order was wrong and they wouldn't fix it, asked for a receipt so we could call and... magically that register couldn't print one and nothing could be done about it. I know it's just a fast food place but jeez,worst McDonals I have been to in a looooong time. Read more

Dennis B -Trains 1 year ago

I ordered a medium meal. They gave me large and charged me large. The nuggets were ok and the burger was good but the fries ????... were so undercooked they were near white, covered in oil and chewy soft. So I got a large container of raw fries ???? they wentto the birds. This is unacceptable Read more

James Hall 1 year ago

Normal McDonald?s ticked all the boxes. The restaurant was clean and staff was nice for a quick meal on the road. That?s all you... can ask for! Read more


Poor customer service. Waited 10 min at the pick up window for a small shake that was literally sitting there cause the guy... couldn't be bothered to hand it to me out the window. The mcafe machine has been down for 3 weeks and when it's not down italways seems to be getting "cleaned". I di not recommend this mcdonalds I'd rather take the extra time before work and go toAlma anyday. Read more

Mariann Gonsior 1 year ago

Clean & friendly staff. Food was hot & tasty. They messed up our order by forgetting 2 items on the order. However, the manager... apologized and corrected the error. I definitely will return. Pleasant atmosphere! ???? Read more

Leticia 1 year ago

This is what I got for a big breakfast!?! After having to deal with absolutely the most unprofessional staff along with it's... management at 6:30am I will absolutely not return and recommend that no one should stop here, move to the next one. You'll getwhat you pay for at another McDonald's not this one... Read more