Reviews for Hardee's in Jackson, MO

shane bramlett 1 year ago

Food and service was fast and fresh clean facility

Matthew Bradford 2 years ago

Asked for a hamburger with only pickles and cheese twice and still got the wrong order. Pulled off the extra stuff and was going... to eat it and not complain but after I took a but I pulled a very long hair out of the hamburger. Immediately threw it all away.Food was lukewarm and didn't taste great either. Terrible experience Read more

Richard Denker 2 years ago

Good food. I give 4 stars instead of cause I asked for bbq sauce packets and got picante sauce

LeVa Clement 2 years ago

They are closed by 6. The breakfast food is usually wrong or missing. Won't eat there for breakfast anymore. The staff has been... rude, and very nasty mouthed. I go back about every 6 mths hoping things have changed. They seem to be getting worse. I give up.Not trying again. Read more

LowNSlowIII 2 years ago

If I could give this place negative stars I would after this drive thru incident of not receiving our entire order with a very... rude lady working on Oct. 30, 2021 telling us, "If the food isn't ready, we aren't getting it." when we paid for it already andhad to go inside to get the rest of our order. We went through the drive thru on Sat. Oct 30, 2021 in the morning. We ordered acouple bacon egg and cheese biscuits and a breakfast platter. While trying to order, the lady on the other end kept interruptingme saying, "Are you done with your order?"...no I'll let you know when I'm done. We didn't order that much and didn't orderanything special that's different from a typical menu item. Not sure why she had such a snarky attitude. When we got up to thedrive thru window, we were greeted with poor attitude by some guy. Like all places when we get our order, before we I drive offtoo far, we checked the bag to make sure nothing was missing from our order. We were missing the breakfast platter and allhashbrowns, so I had to pull around to the front of the building. First time at this Hardee's location with an issue so Ithought no big deal. My wife went inside Hardee's to get it corrected. She spoke to a lady inside (not sure if she was amanager) and said, "We were just in the drive thru and we are missing a breakfast platter." The lady said, "Well, I'll see ifit's ready or not. If it's not ready, you're not getting it." I don't care what's going on, you don't talk to paying customerslike this and the workers are lucky the food was ready. This lady needs some serious training and the guy working the windowneeds an attitude adjustment. While my wife was in there, they were messing up every drive thru order and began askingcustomers, "What did you order again?" When my wife got back to the vehicle she began distributing food to everyone as I droveoff and guess what, when we unwrapped the breakfast sandwiches, those were wrong too. We were supposed to get 2 bacon Read more

Conrad 2 years ago

Literally the worst burger place in Jackson. Clearly understaffed and the staff that is there has a bad attitude to the point... you have to argue with them while ordering directly off the menu. They advertise an open loby but keep the doors locked. Whenyou manage to actually get food from there you can garentee at least half your order will be incorrect. Worst staff, worstprices, worst operation. Rally's, Burger King, dairy queen, and McDonald's each have this place beat by a landslide. Read more

Scott Ruble 2 years ago

I tried to discretely return the BEC biscuits I got from the drivethru this morning and I was treated very rudely by the lady... working it on 9/28/21 My biscuits were nearly raw and when I quietly asked to trade them in while no customers were around inthe lobby, she was a real jerk. It takes a lot for me to leave a bad review. Read more

Erin Kennedy 3 years ago

The person working at the drive thru was rude. My order was made wrong. 3 out of the 5 sandwiches that I ordered special were... all wrong! I ordered curly fries and was given regular fries. It took them 27 minutes from the time that I ordered to get myorder. The fries were cold. It was an awful experience. Read more