Reviews for David's Pizza Delivery in Kaysville, UT

Eden Collett 1 year ago

We love David's pizza, and we always grab it when we visit Kaysville! The pepperoni pizza is a favorite- they're just slightly... crispy from the oven, and the sauce and crust are fantastic. Read more

Courtney Davis 1 year ago

I posted a fairly negative review earlier this evening after receiving a delivery order that didn’t meet our expectations of... David’s Pizza. I just wanted to come back and state I have never experienced such PHENOMENAL customer service before untiltonight. After apparently reading my review, I received a knock on my door from a gentleman with an entirely new (and perfectlyhot!) pizza order and coupon. He apologized profusely for the earlier order and I am just so stunned at the wonderful display ofcustomer service. 1000% lifelong David’s Pizza fans! Read more

Alpha Zeta 1 year ago

Just barely ordered a pizza and it was fantastic! So good, although maybe I have not ordered enough pizzas from here but the... ingredients were underneath the cheese apposed to on top which was unique! zero bias though for having friends that work(ed)there though! Driver was professional! Read more

Keith Jackson 1 year ago

I had never been before so I decided to give it a try. The take out medium two topping lunch special was a fantastic price. The... food was delicious and the service was quick. Great value for the money. I will definitely be back. Read more

Shirley Palmer 1 year ago

This is not just your ordinary pizza place, this is an institution! I don't know how many years they have been in business but... man have they perfected the pizza! Thank you everybody that works there for your hard work and delicious delicious delicious pizza. Read more

Marty 1 year ago

3 Stars, First time at David's Pizza, it looked great.... But not my style of pie, the crust was more like a pan style pie, I... don't like this. I'm a NY style pie guy, so I won't be back but I'm sure others would love it... Instagram @utah_foodie Read more

Ruth Patel 1 year ago

I called in for delivery but called back immediately to cancel to say I’d pick it up. I had to place a whole new order for the... pick up order because it was on special for half the price. Unfortunately, the first order wasn’t canceled when I called in.When it came time to pick up the pizzas, a delivery guy showed up with our first order of pizzas and due to their error, theyonly charged us for the pick up specials that I’d ordered. So I only paid for the 3 pizzas and they gave me all 6 in order tomake it right. They went above and beyond what many would’ve done to “make it right”. They were so understanding andrespectful. A wonderful experience, despite the error. We bought here because the pizza is delicious, but we’ll continuebuying here because of the service and integrity. Read more

Jake M 1 year ago

Grew up nearby and have always loved David's Pizza! Just went back today to visit and David finally retired but the new owner is... wonderful and worked there for 15 years! He's ensuring it maintains its magic and deliciousness! Love the flag in thestore! And I'm CRAZY about the SAME delicious old pizza that I grew up with! Read more