Reviews for Nakhon Thai in Kemptville, ON

Matt Cruise 2 years ago

I hate leaving bad reviews, and would much rather praise a resto for a good experience. Unfortunately, I feel the need to... comment on the dramatic change I?ve experienced at Nakhon Thai. I used to love going there when they first came to kemptville(~10yrs ago), would go every Friday for pad Thai and pad kimow. Their ingredients were fresh, portions were right for the price,not overly generous, but not wasteful either. Both sit down and take out were equally good quality, and they had authenticflavour. Since loving this place 10years ago, I?ve travelled to Thailand and experienced the real thing. I hadn?t been to therestaurant until late Covid (2021-2022) since they changed locations, and it has really gone downhill. I was very surprised tofind it was still owned by the same couple; the quality decrease would otherwise have indicated it was bought out by a local(non-Thai) kemptville resident. I don?t know if their attention had shifted to the Brockville location and therefore kville isan afterthought?? I?ve eaten there (takeout) 3-4 times in ?21 and just recently in April ?22; it will be the last time. I ordera few different dishes, curries, stir fry, pad Thai, everything is flavourless. It appears to be good service frozen veggies andpre-pack chicken, heated up in thin broth. There is no body to the sauces, there is no depth of flavour. You can tell theingredients are from frozen and quickly cooked without seasoning; they are bland and watery. Worse still, they don?t even addtypically Thai things to the ?pre-packed veg?, there?s no lemongrass shoots, no basil, no bean sprouts, no ginger slices (allingredients I remember them using authentically 10 years ago). I don?t mind patronizing local restos and I understand thedifficulties Covid has placed on them. When costs have gone up, I am ok paying more for the same, or paying less for less (ifthey need to compromise with quality of supply). But their prices have risen, and their quality has decreased subst Read more

Manish Bhasker 2 years ago

The food is topshelf at this place. I've had Thai food at a handful of "high end" places and these folks are very good at what... they do. Phnom Penh was the only other restaurant I found that did real quality Thai. They have one other location in Kingston,I believe? Nakhon is the best resto in kemptville, in my opinion. Read more

Heinsy 2 years ago

Nakhon Thai - the are you even open restaurant This place hours and open days are so inconsistent I don't even know or bother... ordering from here anymore, if you open.. stick to your hours and put the effort in. The main issue is the food quality ishonestly pretty bad for thai food, its one of my favorite cultures of food variety. Ottawa has dozens of great spots, thisunfortunately is a pass, I think its even for sale right now online so if your a good Thai chef I would buy the business. Read more

Chris Cook 3 years ago

Amazing food and service! First time ordering since moving to town and my girlfriend and I were really pleased! We had the... Dinner Combo 1 and it was enough to feed us and leave some leftovers for tomorrow. They threw in 2 extra spring rolls which wassuper nice. Definitely recommending to others, much better value and taste than local fast food options! Read more

Caitlyn Kraushaar 3 years ago

First time here - it was delicious! We had the Pad Thai and Green Curry. Both very good portions. They added in two spring rolls... as a gesture which was so kind. Really impressed by the health and safety protocols they have in place. Will be back! Read more

Emma Lacourciere 3 years ago

Great experience with this restaurant! They were very friendly with excellent service, even taking my take-out order before... opening time. The pad thai and spring rolls were delicious and they even added 2 extra rolls! The ginger shrimp and green currywere good too, but I wouldn't order these again. I want to try more of their menu :) Read more

Khiana Klatt 3 years ago

All the staff are so kind! I had to wait an extra 10 minutes for my order one evening, so the man working gave me free spring... rolls as a gesture to say thanks for waiting patiently. The food is always fresh and hot. You get large portions. Their take outcontainers are reusable. The food is delicious! Read more

James C 6 years ago

Great service and pretty good food. Had the chicken soewers, veg spring rolls, shrimp rolls, beef Pad Thai. All was tasty and... nicley presented. Will go back again Read more