Reviews for Cookbook Restaurant in Ketchum, ID

Kimberley Mayfield 1 year ago

Incredible dining experience that reminded me of high quality and intimate Swiss alps dining. Our party got a pasta, pizza,... vegan medley, and (my meal) local Idaho trout. The trout was easily the best I’ve had in my life. Zero bones were left, theoutside was perfect crispy, and the interior was so moist. Also, try the crisp Hungarian or effervescent young French wine,they’re delicious! Read more

Sabrina Shumar 1 year ago

Lived locally for a year & this is hands down the best restaurant in town. Fresh ingredients with plates full of flavor & love.... Veda and Burke were inviting and welcomed us like family. We had mushroom pizza, grey goose pasta, mushroom ravioli & two piecesof their 7 layer cake. We couldn’t resist! I will not forget the food or experience here for a long time. Perfect place tohave a date night. We will definitely be back soon! Read more

Clara Hazelwood 1 year ago

What a quaint little hideaway in Ketchum, Idaho. When paying it a visit during the summer, Cookbook provides an endearingly cozy... outdoor dining oasis. Fresh, delicious dishes and attentive service make it an easy go-to for me, and I’d highly recommend itto anyone looking for anything from a light salad, to a rich pasta dish. We ordered the Caprese Salad, Watermelon Gazpacho,Roasted Chicken (Nightly Special), and the KG Bowl. The Caprese salad had a wonderful balance of all ingredients. There’snothing worse than running out of all the burrata before finishing the heirlooms, before finishing the bread, etc etc. reverseorder and apply. The gazpacho was very unique. It was a little on the sweet side for my palate, but I still appreciated theuniqueness of the flavor blend they were going for. I’d say the mint needed to be a bit more pronounced, and the consistencywould benefit from having a less syrupy texture. It was fun to try but I wouldn’t order it again. Something about the sweettomato fruit flavor reminded me of leftover cold pineapple pizza (which I love btw, this isn’t an insult, just a flavorreference). Chicken was great. A little on the dry side and wasn’t served entirely warm, but had a pleasant flavor. The bedof kale salad complimented the protein nicely. KG bowl was fantastic and great ethnic vegetarian option. Overall, the beautyof this place comes from the thought/creativity behind the dishes, the ambience, and the pleasant service atmosphere. I’d comeback to try some of their other items! Read more

Gigi Thorsen 1 year ago

A stellar experience from the get-go. Seated outside, nice two top. Emily was our server and I think she's one of the best... servers we've ever had. Had the watermelon gazpacho -- so refreshing and HOLY FLAVOR! Wild mushroom ravioli, DAMN delicious! Andfor dessert we took the Veda cake home. Yum! Read more

Joanna Tomaszewski 1 year ago

This restaurant is outstanding. Delicious food with a rotating menu, lovely ambiance, and such great service. Matt, our server,... was the best. We can’t wait to be back. Read more

Jess Boysen 1 year ago

These people treated us like 2nd class citizens. Zero greeting, null/void customer service. Maybe they thought we were... vagrants. Instead we went to Rickshaw and had the best meal of this lifetime. Read more

Hailey S. 2 years ago

We had such a lovely dinner at Cookbook - the intimate setting and cheerful, very friendly staff made the delicious food even... better. We started with the Charley salad and the Stinson pizza; I have never seen my husband eat a pizza that quickly becauseit was SO AMAZING, one of the tastiest pizzas we have ever had with the freshest ingredients and great crust. We had the GreyGoose vodka cream pasta and the Meatballs over polenta special and both really hit the spot. Very happy with our wonderful nightwith Cookbook! Read more

Paris Rat 2 years ago

Lovely outdoor seating; amazing, friendly service that made us feel like we were eating at their home; menu has a wonderful... selection and a well-paired wine list; all homemade desserts; easy street parking. Read more