Reviews for Subway in Kimball, NE

Josh Silence 1 year ago

I love subway and of the huge variety of subways I've ??

LynnAnn Kudebeh 1 year ago

The service was great but the lunch meat had a bad odor and tasted bad.

Ganesh B 1 year ago

Sandwiches we ordered were good. Facility was clean for din-in, but not the Restrooms.

Nicky B 1 year ago

Only one person and truly amazing. Very clean. Friendly.

Lana Scofield 2 years ago

I got to subway and waited for at least 10 minutes for the 2 women to stop talking to help me. Both had their hair down and all... over the place. Neither were wearing gloves and they both were touching food for people in the drive through and meat that Iwatched them put in the cooler. The one woman had no gloves on and started scratching her hair and then started swiping food offof the counter and ended up swiping old food onto my wrap. She then grabbed both side of my wrap with her BARE HANDS after shewas just scratching her hair and touching old food! I told her that I no longer wanted that wrap and she rolled her eyes andlaughed at me. I have never been so disgusted with a restaurant in my life! Read more

Jo Hummermeier 2 years ago

Pricing was fair, food was great, but the customer service was lacking. As a subway lover, this was not a good experience. The... employees didn't seem to care that a customer was in the store. Read more

Barbara Danley 2 years ago

I'm not a fan but it was the only fast food available. The sandwich was well prepared and tasty. They had run out of ice for... drinks but I could get ice at my hotel. Can't complain about service or price. Very good raspberry cheesecake cookie. Read more

Roxanne Tucker 2 years ago

My online order was sent to Kimball NE store (computer glitch, my local store said I was the third person to have this happen... that day)as soon as I received my online receipt and realized my mistake I tried calling the store. I called from 6:30-9pm, noanswer no returned phone call. I call again the next morning once store opened finally talked to a very rude girl who had noidea what to do, gave the phone to Lynn the manager, who found my order but didn't know how to void or refund it, gave mecooperates number, who won't answer or return my phone calls. Bunch of incompetent, no customer service skills taking place atthis restaurant. So now I count my $30 loss, because no one knows how to do their job! Read more