Reviews for Colton's Steak House & Grill in Kirksville, MO

Brenda Lowe 1 year ago

Everything was delicious. Couldn't eat it all, so brought the rest home for later..mouth watering food! Love it!!!

Shawna S 1 year ago

Good food, good service. The only issue was that the prime rib was overdone. My husband ordered it "as rare as possible" and... there was just barely a strip of pink. It was perfectly cooked if he had ordered it medium well. Everything else was good. Read more

Corey Salter 1 year ago

Something has definitely happened, and not in a good way, with the quality of food at Colton's. My wife and I recently went to... Colton's, ordered two steaks ( I believe they were both the smoked steak and corn on the cob combo) and neither were that great.When we cut into the steaks to make sure they were what we ordered, per the waiters request, it seemed fine but when we startedto eat the steak, it was flavorless, chewy and just overall not good. The steak fries were plain without season as well. Ishould of known that something was off when we ordered and received the steak meals in around five minutes! For a steak house,they should offer the very best steak in town and not some precooked chunk of meat. This is not the first time this has happenedto me or others that I know so it will be awhile before this customer gives Colton's another try. In light of everything I saidabove in regards to the food, the waiter did his job and did come back a number of times to check to see how we were doing. Wedid not complain to him but instead just ate the food and chalked it up as a "learning experience". It wasn't until I heard arelative share almost the exact same experience yesterday with the terrible food quality at Colton's that motivated me to writethis review in the hopes that the management will do something to improve the product. Read more

James Shay 1 year ago

Ribeye had grisel in it, baked potato was good. Ceasar salad wasn't fresh. Dinner rolls were light and delish. Jack is a good... waiter....checks back often. Out the door for $43.00 with Tip Read more

Christine Homoki 1 year ago

First time there. The college kids race about the salmon here. It was delicious and so were the steaks! Waitress was extremely... helpful and got answers to dietary questions that she wasn't sure of. Love her spunk and attitude! Read more

Zachary Rohman 1 year ago

This is a great restaurant with a lot of nice waiters and waitresses. Really good food and very nice people. I went in one time... with my daughter just to get her mac and cheese. I wasn't hungry but they didn't treat me like I was inferior just because Ididn't order a lot. People often do that assuming you won't tip them. I tipped well and I'll continue to come back here Read more

Tatjana Hamilton 1 year ago

The steak was so good, perfectly seasoned and cooked. The salmon that my husband had was OK, not the best. So, maybe because I... am not from around, I am just a tourist that is visiting a relatives in the US, I founded strange that the lady, the waitresskept asking if I want a dessert while I am eating the steak. Twice. I am not even half done, I get asked if I want a dessert.Where I come from, we take some break from the food before we have coffee or dessert. Maybe is just me, maybe this is theculture here. Nothing personal, and maybe they are not used on outsiders. I would go back to eat definitely. Read more

Rio Tarbo 1 year ago

Slightly on the pricy side, and the rolls aren?t anything to right home about, BUT one of the best restaurants in town by far.... Fantastic staff, appetizers are amazing, and the food was phenomenal. Everyone in our family enjoyed the friendly, invitingatmosphere, and incredible food. Definitely recommend if I?m this area around dinner time! Read more