Reviews for Hy-Vee Grocery Store in Kirksville, MO

Connie Hall 1 year ago

Picked up prescription for son at college at Truman state. long line but I could tell they where all trying hard, then waited... to pay for few groceries again it seems they are short staffed like rest of world. But they show up try hard so i think they aredoing best they can. I dont normally shop not from this area. But greatful they are there and trying hard. Read more

J. V. Quigg 1 year ago

Stock can be an issue sometimes, especially on sale items, but overall it's a good experience everytime I go. Thank you Hyvee... staff! Read more

Bridget Woodruff 1 year ago

Hyvee is always nice temperature wise and everyone's always pretty friendly I love that they sell there water for 62 cents a... bottle I was so thirsty but they always got deals going on Read more

Jimmy Dean 1 year ago

Some of the younger cashier's could maybe use a little bit of extra tips on things like asking if you had certain coupons or... what not..... Also the Starbucks staff is amazing and those girls deserve tips! Tips people tips! Lol Read more

Rob Bragg 1 year ago

Shelves always stocked, can't say that about Wal Mart. Very nice employees.Great liquor store.

Harold William Coy 2 years ago

The last few times I've gone in for fried chicken the kitchen staff haven't seemed busy (make sure you read the board on your... meal cause they usually forget biscuits and/or mashed potatoes and gravy) and they are usually out of some sides the last timethere was no biscuits but I was given rolls and the one helping was very apologetic. This time while he was busy talking tosomeone in the dining room I was helped by one of the other staff and while they weren't shot on anything I wasn't offeredbiscuits but was given 4 rolls instead for a meal for 6 and when reminded about the mashed potatoes and gravy he realized heonly had a little bit of both so he gave me all of the peppered gravy he had the whole two scoops which I paid for they need todo a better job. Read more

Autumn Eagleshield 2 years ago

I love Hy-Vee! The employees are always kind and helpful, the fuel rewards program is amazing, and the bakery, floral... department, and groceries in general are the best around! Read more

Richard J. Vargo 2 years ago

Rating: 4.6 Stars This is a very nice grocery store. I like their produce. When I am in town for work, I always get my fruit,... protein bars, and protein shakes here. I like getting Starbucks here. The store is clean, and the staff are nice. However, I ama little curious about the mark-up on these apple slices. :P Supply chain issues? Read more