Reviews for Little Caesars Pizza in Kirksville, MO

Sir Jim Slagle 1 year ago

98% good food for price. Sometimes a little doughy for me. Everyone seems friendly and helpful, they even laugh at my bad jokes.... Good job pizza technicians Read more

Andrea Turner 1 year ago

The gentleman that greeted us as we came in for lunch was the best!! He was entertaining and had the best costumer service

Ninadelphine Hayes 1 year ago

Love my Little Caesars Pizza!! Those twix brownies are rocking it!! Plus, I get a chance to check out the Rebellious Rose next... door???? Read more

Maegan Chinn 1 year ago

So the concept of being notified when your order is ready then entering your code into a machine to pick up your order is... great... If it's actually used. I sat waiting for an email or notification that I never received. After waiting an additional 15minutes longer than my estimated completion time, I went into the store and asked thinking maybe they're just behind becausethey're busy which is fine; I'm a pretty patient person. Then the lady grabs my order that has just been sitting on the counterfor what I'm assuming is the 15-20 minutes I had waited for a notification or email saying my order was ready. Then this ladytakes my order, and instead of just handing it to me, puts it in the warming oven that I'm supposed to put my code in when I'mready to pick up my order. This warming oven is meant to keep my order warm while waiting for me to pick it up right? So sheputs my now cold food in the warming oven instead of handing it to me because I have to enter in my pickup code or their systemwill think i never showed up! The entire process left me completely baffled! Read more

Scythe Saaresto 1 year ago

Every time I come here I am treated with respect. The staff is great and everyone is served as quickly as possible. The prices... are as low as they can make them. The pizza is great. Read more

L Lay 2 years ago

I placed an online order and forgot to check it before driving home. I was given cheese instead of pepperoni but was told I... would have a pepperoni pizza when I came back. Damon made sure I had the pepperoni and of course keep the cheese pizza for themistake. I am leaving a 5 star review because this is the first problem I've had there and it was handled very well. You canusually get things fixed no matter what your attitude about it, but kindness and understanding go a long way! There are stillmany people in food service who care about excellence. Read more

Emily Burkhardt 2 years ago

I?ve always had a great experience here! Customer service is great and managers have always been incredibly friendly to both... staff and patrons. Easy, cheap, reliable. It?s never taken longer than five minutes for me to pick up food without ordering orcalling ahead. Hot N Ready is always available! Read more

Denise Ellis 2 years ago

I was pleasantly surprised to see the dough made from scratch. The pizza is great. Yes, it can use more toppings, but hey, thats... only my opinion. The employees are very friendly and the prices are good. I covered their face for privacy. Read more