Reviews for Chipotle Mexican Grill in Kissimmee, FL

Joey Fernandes 1 year ago

$18 for a burrito bowl with extra meat and a regular size fountain drink!!! I told the cashier she must have made a mistake it's... usually $14. It used to be $12 then they had a price increase a few months back. She stated they had another price increase.Another price increase on top of the one you just had recently?!?! Almost always..... out of the new steak, out of the oldsteak, out of chipotle sauce. Outrageous prices and smaller and smaller quantities. Hopefully others will join me and say enoughis enough. Read more

Andrea Santana 1 year ago

If I could I would give it less than one star, I've been a lot of times and it's always the same, I have to wait for the steak... and they see that it's missing and instead they get more chicken, the service is mediocre I had to wait another 40 minutes I'mstill here and I haven't been able to order my food because the steak isn't there yet when they told me there's only a 10-minutewait, the person serving you has a bad attitude and when they serve you, some people are served more, some less, this isunacceptable, such bad management I don't recommend them for anything. Read more

C W 1 year ago

This place may be the worst run Chipotle out there. This is 2nd time in 2 weeks that I've gone to this location. First the... place looked trashed, just plain dirty and unkempt. Both times they have been out of fajita vegetables this was at around 1 pmand 6 pm not late. So apparently they only make a couple batches for the entire day. which makes no sense. Then the guy todaywas so stingy with my toppings, you'd think he paid for it. Then when I asked for 2 corn on the side (cause he literally put 5kernals on the 2nd scoop when I asked for double corn). He then told me I would have to pay extra for the extra corn. Wellmaybe I wouldn't ask for it if you had given me actual double corn and had fajita veg available. I paid for this, but will nevercome back to this location. I then told the cashier and she couldn't care less. This place needs to fire everyone and juststart over. I've been to a ton of Chipotles and never have I had such bad service. Go Anywhere but Here! Anywhere! Read more

Alma Luna 1 year ago

I just left çhipotle located in a loop at 3254 N John Young Prky where there were 5 workers, two young people serving food and... everything was fine with them, they did their job but I have to mention that the two employees who were in the back cutting themeat just passed by playing with each other and the cashier Brisslyn who smiled with them while they threw pieces of meat ateach other and they also threw small pieces of meat at her who seemed to like the game because she laughed with them and eventhough they wore gloves they touched their faces and kept cutting meat they talked and they laughed over the meat while they cutand surely saliva fell on the meat, I got ready to leave, paid for the food and went to my car and I couldn't even taste thefood thinking about everything I saw and how I saw that they were playing With the food..by the way she forgot to put mysilverware..... .it is worth mentioning that the stake side that they charged me was very little for 5 dollars...totally a badexperience. Read more

Annika Foerster 1 year ago

They were almost out of everything and it was only 9pm. The worker didn?t know what type of meat there was and didn?t bother to... ask a coworker. Only the cashier was friendly. The restaurant itself is such a mess, I don?t know how a manager can allow such amess. The floors were dirty everywhere and all the trash cans were full. They only had spoons to eat with. It?s not worth it topay 10+ dollars for food with these conditions Read more

Martita Valentin 1 year ago

Gustavo the manager should definitely not be a manger at the location on John young or any location! I paid $60 for my food to... get delivered from this location, missing the chicken in our salad bowls, the fruit sides for my kids meals the $6 Guacamole andchips I paid for and all these delivery fees to get not even an apology from any associate not even the so cal manager when Ibrought the food back to this location! On top I had to call the 1800 number to get my F?N money back!! The most ridiculousservice I have received from Chipotles!! Never going back!!! This place needs better management!! Read more

Leyla H 1 year ago

I loved going there today, our food was great and customer service was good! The place was a little messy tho????

Madysen Delgado 2 years ago

Just wanna say, chipotle itself is great, however whoever is working the night shift on Sunday December 12th 2021 has to be the... worst service i?ve ever had. I work minimum wage so i understand when people are understaffed however no one should be treatedthis way, First off, we ordered for pickup and when we went to say our name (because our meals weren?t finished in the timeframe they had provided.. of course) They proceeded to tell us that we didn?t make an order there and to check the app.. We?veordered many times so we made no mistake, we gave our name one more time and they said we only have names X,Y,Z?. Whilst readingout the name we had already said. We finally get our food only to be highly disappointed once driving all the way home. Thethree tacos weren?t even closed they were just thrown into the back (will insert photo) and usually i just brush it off becauseagain, i get it.. However my last straw was when there was no utensils in the bag.. We had also ordered a bowl and with the waythe tacos are laid out there is no way to pick it up and eat it. We are staying at an airbnb so we do not have silverware.. Wehad to add another 20 min stop to our night after being treated badly and very hungry. I wouldn?t have even made this review ifthey had at least put utensils in the bag. I am very. VERY displeased. Also lettuce on the sticker.. really?? Read more