Reviews for Gino's Pizza in Kitchener, ON

Rupinder 1 year ago

I had quick delicious pizza and excellent customer service.

Suraj Reddy Gudelli (Suraj) 1 year ago

Pizza tastes amazing, they deliver fast as well.

Vinay Varad 1 year ago

I have ordered a Panzoroti it was burnt and lady working at store said she will make another one but she didn?t made Manager... should take care about the issue ASAP Read more

Simran Kaur 1 year ago

Very very delicious pizza.. best Indian veggie pizza in kitchener... must try.. Friendly staff..

KARS 36 1 year ago

worst location I have ever been to it toke me literally half hour to order 1 medium pizza it was so hard to understand what the... person was saying on the phone I had to repat my self like 20 times she was talking so slow I was like can u give the phone tosome one else I wouldn't recommended Read more

M Kellington 1 year ago

I rather enjoy this pizza and I have never had an issue with them so far. Their Garlicbread with Cheese is pretty solid also. I... ordered 1 large pepperoni with xtra cheese and a garlic bread with cheese and it came up to just under $24.00 with me picking itup but they're like a 2min drive from my place so thats no issue. Sometimes the girl on the phone can have an issue due to thelanguage barrier but in person she's understandable. Bad phone connection at times I guess. Read more

Jayd Winter 1 year ago

While waiting for my drive test appointment I decided to have a slice of pizza at Gino?s because I had an hour to wait. I came... in and asked for a slice of pepperoni, the pizza was delicious. The customer service was terrible. The lady working didn?t greetme once, she tossed the pizza slice across the counter at me & then refused to give me a creamy garlic sauce even though I paidfor one. When I asked another worker for my sauce they also tossed it across the counter at me and rolled their eyes. The foodis amazing, the service is terrible and I wouldn?t recommend this place to anyone. Read more

Shubham Jain 2 years ago

I ordered 2 large veggie pizza and 3 extra large cheese pizza for pickup. And it was a big order so I thought it will take time... but they ready my pizza in within 15 to 20 minutes and the pizza were so tasty. I really like there service and I alsorecommended to my friends to visit this store. Read more