Reviews for Jumbo Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Kitchener, ON

Cailyn Dupuis 1 year ago

Just want people to be aware, Chow mein is typically fried noodles, the chow mein they make here is just pure bean sprouts, no... noodles at all. I've never had this problem with ordering chow mein anywhere before, it's always been fried noodles so I'mactually really surprised and confused. Other than that the rest of the food I ordered was alright, I've definitely had betterthough so I probably wouldn't recommend. Read more

David 1 year ago

Extremely expensive considering the fact that you're paying for dough and no meat. Where is the chicken?? Duck sauce for egg... rolls?? Are they duck rolls? It tastes disgusting. Trying to get through to someone about this was like pulling teeth. Neverwill I return. Do not recommend. Read more

Charlotte Heath 1 year ago

This was truly the most disappointing take out I?ve ever had. I got what I?d say is common items, General Tso chicken, sweet and... sour chicken and chicken fried rice. This all tastes stale and old. I?m not comfortable eating the chicken because it honestlytastes off and I?m worried. Read more

Matt Works 1 year ago

Absolutely delicious chinese food. The staff were very friendly and had a good sense of humour. My only issue was that the... crunchy chow mein was rancid, tasted like paint thinner. We threw those out and did not eat. The meal itself was really good.Thank you for making sure we got sauces and cookies. We will be back again. :) Read more

Mellissa Bishop 2 years ago

This is one of the best I have ever had and I have tried many Chinese food restaurants I am so pleased with this. The food was... HOT and tasted amazing. The portions were great and there was so much meat in the meat dishes. In the noodle and rice dishesthere was so much meat and veggies but not too much!! The sweet and sour pork was THE BEST!!! I have never had sweet and sourpork like this and just that alone is going to make this my go to Chinese food restaurant for life. Read more

Sandra 2 years ago

First time ordering from here today, everything was hot, delicious and ready by the time I came to pickup. (15 min from order to... pickup) around 4pm. Great service. Sweet & sour chicken was excellent. General tso chicken was delicious. Vegetable fried ricewas delicious, vegetable noodles were AMAZING, spring rolls were 10/10, steamed broccoli was perfectly steamed. Zero complaints.LARGE portions. Will definitely be going back again! Thank you for the delicious food! Read more

Scott Ruddick 2 years ago

Jumbo Dragon in Kitchener is a family run restaurant, been in the community for years. It was our go to Chinese takeaway place... for a number of years, until back to back bad experiences put us off. Been a couple of years since we last tried them. On awhim, we tried them again. And so glad we did.... it was back to the great, well prepared Chinese food we had known andenjoyed. Got a dinner for five ( sweet and sour chicken and shrimps, special fried rice, General Tsao chicken, chicken chowmein, tai dop boy, egg rolls). The portion sizes were generous. The food was freshly prepared and very good. Based on ourexperience , recommend them for a good Chinese takeout option. They don't do any of the delivery apps, but they do have in housedelivery drivers for a limited area as well as pick up. Read more

M Kellington 3 years ago

In depth Review with Pics. First time ordering here. 2x Chicken Fried Rice $18.90 2x Chicken Balls (sauce included) $22.90 1... Pepper Steak with Onion $11.45 1 Gluten Free Mein Feng Noodle $10.50 Total with Tax $72.04 The food is pretty decent, it's notamazing but definitely on the good to great side. The chicken ball are KIDS SIZE which I thought was amazing as I have a 10 yearold and she doesn't have to struggle to eat a monstrously huge typical chicken ball. The pepper steak was pretty good, not asgood as Mandarins but I'd definitely order it again. The Chicken Fried Rice had cubed carrots, chicken chuncks (white and darkmeat) as well as peas and onion. For the convenience of having this place literally 3 mins away from me makes this an extremelyattractive option. Read more