Reviews for McDonald's in Klamath Falls, OR

Hookup Account 1 year ago

This McDonald's in specific has a horrible tendency to make all drive-through customers wait in the parking lot to have their... food delivered, they have a hard time getting out the food in under 10 minutes. Quality and freshness is fine. Speed is verypoor Read more

Rita Stearns 1 year ago

I am not a fan of how the day shift at the campus location has learned to cook the books per say by having people pull around... front and wait for very long wait times, just so they can get around their counters that are there to keep them accountable fortheir times. They cheat the system by having pull around front and wait for their food even when absolutely no one else is inthe drive thru. This is scandalous and dishonest as well as frustrating when you ask to remain in line because there isliterally no one else in line, and they tell you to pull around front anyways or they will issue you a refund. Furious at thispoint, as this has been happening daily and for months now. Read more

Dorie Reid 1 year ago

I know....what can you expect from a fast food drive through?? I expect me food to be hot and what I ordered. The burgers are... cold and the bread is actually hard, the fries are cold and stale. Uugghhhh....I really should just cook at home. Read more

Elizabeth Jackson 1 year ago

Sat waiting for our 2 regular hamburgers and 2 regular cheeseburgers for over 10 minutes without even a greeting. When we... finally get them the window attendant says ?sorry for the wait, have a better day?. I could have ignored this if our burgers hadat least been hot but no, they were cold. Read more

Dug Yug 1 year ago

I would give a zero. Such bad service. Waited 24 min. For just a breakfast platter while other employees are just standing... around and looking busy. Need better management training. Glad this is just a one time stop. Read more

D Helms 1 year ago

What can I say other than its McDonalds and in Klamath Falls. My expectations are extremely low as I've had about as many good... experiences here as I've had bad. There are a couple great employees there to always rectify the situation in the bad instancesand they have always been great in accommodating any inadequacies we have suffered threw. Read more

Leticia Briones 1 year ago

We went threw the drive-thru and it took about 10 min before they even greeted us. Then all they said is we will right with u.... All we order was a lg coke and lg sweet tea! The total experience it took us 36 min for 2 drinks! To top it off they handed us alg coke and a lg UNSWEETENED tea! Eeewww.... Read more

Andrew Faukner 1 year ago

Standard food, like all McDonald's. Entrance for 2 cars at the beginning of the drive-thru. It did seem odd that an employee was... dumping drinks, and cleaning out a cart into a drain in the parking lot. Read more