Reviews for McDonald's in Klamath Falls, OR

Yvette Marie 1 year ago

I despise this location. EVERY SINGLE TIME I?ve been here the last four times in a row, they have me waiting for my order over... 30 min. And when I finally get it, the fries are cold. The soda doesn?t taste right & they don?t give me the condiments that Iask for several times. AND they?re super rude. All except for two different young men who have been polite, a blond blue eyedfellow and a thin olive complected with lots of natural wavy/curly? Hair, lots of it. Read more

Tina Miller 1 year ago

nice people in drive thru not at pick up drive thru window.They ALWys hand you drinks with the cola running down the sides of... the cups dripping on our clothes as we get them from pick up window.They FORGET TO GIVE STRAWS AND NAPKINS. Read more

Not your average garage Hey Jack 1 year ago

Wasn't clean, for some reason there was also a lot of flies. Also stunk inside like a bad bathroom. The food was alright, came... out pretty fast. Definitely not a fan, wouldn't go very often. Parking lot was easy access and close to shopping places.Groceries or just for fun. Read more

Dawn Van Dyke 1 year ago

I waited 45 mins in the drivethru when I got to the window 3 people were standing there and stood there the whole time. After... that the order was wrong and had to wait longer. We got no condiments or napkins like we asked for. Read more

Ryan Donohue 1 year ago

I almost missed my bus. I'm epileptic so I have to take the buses in town from chiloquin to Klamath to kcc, And when you have a... limited a time of 15 minutes you expect your meal to be done in half that time but I saw more talking then productivity. I justwanted a simple breakfast burrito and no one was at the counter taking orders for 5 minutes and in the kitchen chit chatting. Ive been starving since 6:30:and it's now 9:30 I don't have time to eat at home in the morning. If you have time to kill goodfor you but I don't every second matters to me because I can't miss school. Read more

Ken Haddock 1 year ago

This place serves fast food frustratingly slow 10 minutes in the Drive-Thru after I place my order which took me 10 minutes of... waiting in line before I could do. I'm a very unhappy customer for the price that they're charging I should have gotten a muchlarger quantity and much better service. Customer service at these restaurants is more or less non-existent they don't care whatthe client or customer says or does as far as they're concerned the customer is not always right whatever happened to inbusiness "the customer is always right Read more

Matthew Hatfield 2 years ago

What can you say it's McDonald's. We went through the drive through. And they had one of these setups with two lanes. We got... stuck behind someone. who for some reason took absolutely forever to order. while multiple other people went around us in theother lane leaving us stuck behind him.. However. By the time we got up there they managed to get the one guy that was in frontof us and everyone else slowing things down. picky guy I suppose to pull out and wait for his food while they continued quitequickly at that point too served everybody else which I thought was pretty cool. Read more

Penny Snoozy 2 years ago

It's a McDonalds. It's fast food. We just stopped by for a treat because someone gave us a gift card. There's always a pretty... long wait. It's either a really long line or they're really short staffed. I've come to realize that you won't get a McFlurrythat doesn't have pain vanilla ice cream on the bottom... even if you pay for extra add-ins lol. You can get into thisrestaurant from the main road or from the coastal parking lot. It's across the street from Thunderbird and between King Wah andCoastal. You cannot get to the King Wah parking lot from McDonald's property. Read more