Reviews for Starbucks in Klamath Falls, OR

Linda Mckeen 1 year ago

Never been to one. It's inside our Albertsons is why it said I've been.

Sunshine Kerkenes 1 year ago

Quick service and my drink was so good.

Tay Cunningham 2 years ago

Horrible customer service, I was left waiting at the counter and had not even be greeted, yet the girls could stand in the... corner talking about how they had a crush on the Albertsons backup cashier. And on top of all that I don?t even know what Ireceived from them because it sure doesn?t taste even close to what I ordered. Read more

Laura Villanueva 2 years ago

Workers were chatting it up, while I was in line. Bad service today

Danielle Griffin 2 years ago

I have a very unique drink and had service by a kind young lady named Mya and I will definitely be going back.

Susan Campbell 2 years ago

Ya, will never go there. Coffee is foul and they no not how to make any type of good lattes or anything else. Slow service, rude... service, lack of knowledge. Read more

Clay Tucker 5 years ago

Solid choice for your next coffee. Always had good service at this one. Most of my mochas have been spot on, just one or two... that could have been better. Overall, feels like your normal Star bucks experience. Read more

A J 5 years ago

It's like every Starbucks I've ever been into throughout the world... Overheated, burnt espresso in a weak dark roast for more... than I would pay anywhere else... The only thing that makes my shot in the dark drinkable from here is lots if cream andsugar... And I usually prefer my strong coffee black. If you insist on buying menu drinks that are mostly milks and sugaradditives, go to Dutch Bros or The Human Bean. I will gladly go to The Daily Bagel or Gathering Grounds for my coffee"splurges." At $2 for my preferred drink. Read more