Reviews for Au Pavillon Noir in La Baie, QC

Joanne Shriner-Somer 1 year ago

Great location for food, libations, good service and views.

Sharmon Moss 1 year ago

Didn't have high expectations, and was completely delighted with of seafood ravioli and smoked salmon. The salad that... accompanied both was worth it alone. Caesars were good, and bonuses that we could get coffee in the afternoon. Read more

Djane Diniz Ribeiro Luz 1 year ago

Many options on menu and delicious food. There's a deck with partial view of the lake.

Clayton Carter 1 year ago

Great staff, food was tasty. Very good atmosphere

Jessica Boily 2 years ago

I really liked this place! The location is wonderful and there is a great variety of food on the menu!

Sebastien Mortier 3 years ago

There is no 5@7 during COVID even if still advertised on their website. I almost left but they would have to clean the table... again, so I stayed. The red Alexander Keith wasn?t available. Staff was friendly though and food OK. Tables outside have panelto separate the table but if you have some impolite neighbours, they push it against your table and it is awful to get to thefar seats. Far from the best experience but just OK given the circumstances. Read more

Santiago Ochoa 4 years ago

Fantastic place and fantastic drinks. My girlfriend and I were on a trip and we had just finished a 15 hour drive that day. The... servers were super nice to us even when it was clear we were staying right up until closing time. The view of the park from thepatio was tremendous and the entire environment was inviting. I'm happy to say we both absolutely loved it. Would go back to LaBaie just for that! Definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for great drinks and service. My dish wasn't that good butthat's my own fault for ordering fish when I know I don't like it. The fact I was able to stomach it at all is a testament tothe quality of everything at the establishment! Read more

Olivia Tessier 5 years ago

Good food, good service! My mushroom puff pastry was excellent My burger was quite good too, but I think the patty was a... frozen one. Good beer sangria! And the desert was lovely! Decent prices too, and the portions were generous. I'll probably goback if I am in the area. Read more