Reviews for Starbucks in Lafayette, CO

J Nickels 4 years ago

The employees are very friendly and the drinks were great!

G. Kunkel 4 years ago

This location is inside King Soopers. It does not have a drive-thru. Good coffee and friendly people.

Velo Buff 5 years ago

There was literally no one in the store when I walked in and placed my order. They made drink after drink after drink for people... in the drive thru. I waited 10 minutes befuddled as I listened to the barista belt out ?Stand By Me? when it came on the radio.Disgusted, I walked out the door, not even asking for my money back. Update: They finally bought out my order as I left, 15minutes later. Read more

Chris Boland 5 years ago

coffee very good. Prices outrageous. My daughter and I each got a large chai and a hot food item (panini and pumpkin bread) ... $28 !!!!! Read more

Tim Mensch 6 years ago

Came in to sit down for a quick drink and to get online, but their small space was entirely full and there was a long line of... people waiting. Maybe this is par for the course for Starbucks, but it doesn't get a pass for me for being famous. Read more

Lisa Schaeffer 6 years ago

Most Starbucks are very knowledgeable with coffee drinks. This Starbucks is not. I ordered a breve. I was finished with my... sandwich and still did not have my drink. It took forever, I had to remind them of my drink, and it was wrong and cold. Once Imentioned it to the staff, she rudely explained it was steamed cream, but did not explain why my drink was not steamed or madecorrectly, as she spent so much time talking about, nor did she offer to correct it, even after I handed her the cold drinkback. Very rude staff, which is not the usual Starbucks treatment at every other location I have visited. Read more

Tasia Beek 6 years ago

I have been to this location 5-6 times now and literally every time they seem to mess up the drink. I order a half-calf and I... get a full decaf or when asking for a very small splash of cream my coffee is light brown.... hence cream with a splash ofcoffee. Plan to spend time in the drive through or at the counter waiting for your drink and I highly suggest repeating yourorder multiple times. I have thrown out my drink every time and driven down the street to another Starbucks and ordered a newdrink. The Starbucks 287 and Arapahoe seems to have it together. Read more

Starr Luu 6 years ago

I know a Starbucks is a Starbucks is a Starbucks! However, I fell in love with this location! When you're stressed about... work/midterms and you walk in to this place, it gave me a sigh of relief for some reason. The seating layout made it verywelcoming and I ended being very productive with my studies here. The staff "Ethan (who took my order)," was very friendly. Iordered that new drink, Pirckly Pear, not expecting too much out of it. When they finished making it another lady called my nameand handed to me, as I walked away, many of them made sure to tell to "Have a great day, Starr!" Also, by the way, the PricklyPear drink was pretty good. With my lactose intolerantness, I ordered it with soy. Hopefully, this place can keep up the greatwork! Read more