Reviews for Subway in Lake Arrowhead, CA

Megan Wiedman 2 years ago

No one is exaggerating when they say this is the worst subway ever. It is, and it?s 100% the fault of the manager/franchise... owner. Most of the employees are teenagers, who the management did not bother to train, does not treat them well, and expectsthem to run the place with no adult employees or management present half the time. Because they are untrained teenagers, theynever refill the fountain beverage machine, they never have meat or cheese, and the bread and cookies are over baked and hard.They also close before operating hours are over. This location needs better management because there is something very wronghappening and all these kids are taking the blame when it?s not their fault. Read more

Healthy NewLook 2 years ago

The stars are for the food. Staff seems ok. Both staff did not wear masks when handling food. They guy kept going out for... smoking breaks and kept handling food without masks. Tables were not cleaned. Guess they were short staffed. Read more

Kaleigh Elias 2 years ago

The two young girls who work here are ruining this subway. They had nothing out, no meats, cheeses, lettuce, said they didn?t... have sauces, completely lazy. Place was dirty. Then they had friends come in and hang out and they were all messing aroundinstead of actually working. Sandwiches sucked and won?t be going on. Read more

Scott Bradshaw 2 years ago

This place is pathetic! It was the worst sandwich I ever had yesterday. Barely any turkey meat. The person who made the sandwich... didn?t even know the difference between the turkey and the chicken I had to point it out to her she also did not know what theprovolone cheese looked like. She did not know how to operate the cash register and would not accept my gift card. She told meit was declined. I went home and called subway corporate and I still had over a seven dollar balance on it. Don?t waste yourtime with this place, they should?ve closed down years ago. Read more

Takeshi Kuroki 2 years ago

I lived at Lake Arrowhead for a number of years and visited this store a few times. This place has the laziest, most incompetent... employees ever. Apparently it?s too complicated for them to heat up meatballs because they never have them at any hour. Serviceis slow as hell and they close whenever they feel like. My expectations are low enough for Subway in general but this placemanages to be a special embarrassment to the chain. Read more

Heer Avi 3 years ago

Very unprofessional service, We ask veggie sub and they used contaminated knife with meat. The people working were undertrained... for provide customer service, seem like they loved their job. Looked like college grad. I would never prefer for subway at samelocation. Sorry subway you lost a customer today. Read more

Magister P 3 years ago

You can't beat taking a good subway sandwich for a hike or just sitting by the lake. Its fun to do whenever I go to Arrowhead.... But my God, the last visit I had in this place probably 1.5 years ago. I hope they improved. Sticky floors whatever... It wasthe staff making the sandwiches that was bizarrely SLOW. I came into the Subway with only 5 or 6 people in front of me in line.I got my sandwich about 45 MINUTES+ LATER. There were 3 people working the sandwich counter and register, as usual in subways.By 20 something minutes I just stayed, committed to it, but other people that joined the line behind me even just left theplace. People in line were talking about it, how slow it was going. The guy was laying the tomatoes down very tenderly andslowly like he was making love to your sandwich, I dont know what is wrong with these people. They looked like high school/earlycollege age I guess, probably hated their job, it sure looked like it. Not professional to be honest. Good thing they keepenergy drinks up at the register with the chips. You might need an energy boost from waiting in line all day. Read more

Eric Polk 5 years ago

This is probably the worst visit I've ever had to a Subway. The staff was functionally nice but it was obvious that this was... just a robotic routine that they went through. The soft drinks all tasted more of soda water than of drink flavoring. There wasonly one customer in the store before we came in and two employees behind the counter yet somehow they were too busy to cleanthe dining area. Every table had at least crumbs on it and several had condiment spills as well. One table looked as if it hadbeen the scene of a food fight. The biggest surprise was what I saw when I was playing. There were several ants wanderingaround near the register. Finding a small ant trail running alongside our dining table thus came as no shock. Unless you arereally dying for a sandwich and the rest of the village is snowed in, do not eat here. Read more