Reviews for Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store in Lawton, OK

Nelson Acevedo 1 year ago

Love the milkshakes, old school thick shakes but not impossibly think we're you can't actually drink it. The 5 burger deal is a... great option and burgers and sandwiches have been very good so I do come here on occasions. Read more

jared bachrach 1 year ago

They have great burgers and food however you really have to immediately check every drive thru order that you make with them. I... have had 2 orders in a row that were wrong and the receipt was correct. First time, my burger had sauce on it and my wife gotthe wrong ice cream for one of the scoops and was missing the dipping sauce for her chicken. The second time my burger wascorrect however I received a single instead of a double. Since I live 10 minute drive from the place it is not worth drivingback (although I did the first time) to fix these orders. Read more

ComputerLurv 1 year ago

First drive-thru employee was very professional..Female at the 2nd window acted like she was too good for her job - no greeting... or farewell despite me offering both. Got home and had a burned bun on my $9 meal. Mediocre is a more than polite way todescribe the staff and service. Read more

Maria Whitley Hale (Brunette Barbie Doll) 1 year ago

Always one of my favorites growing up and always bring my kids here. Friendly staff took our order and cooked our food to... perfection. The shake was given a little late but they where busy, so there wasn't an intentional forget on that. Read more

Daijah Vaughn 1 year ago

I?m not shocked this happened. The manager been horrible we haven?t been back to this braums on cache in a while and the first... time back we get a piece of the cheese paper on one of are burgers. Smh idk what to do but laugh because it?s really notacceptable anymore. Do not recommend. Read more

Neal Vaughn (The Wanderer) 1 year ago

Oh my gosh I have never experienced horrible service until I go to Braum's. They take your order and your money and rest is... questionable. All the renovation can never make up for the horrible service rendered. I have seen cleaner farms and pig pens.But maybe I went at a bad time (4pm on a Thursday evening) ????. What disappointed me the most is my food was ready but mynumber was not called. My shake set beside my food and by the time I checked on my order the shake was warm, the fries was coldand the burgers were greasy. It think it is horrific to order food, and have to take it home and heat it up before you can eatit. Maybe it would have been best to ask for my money back. Because if I wanted to cook dinner I would not had ordered to go????. Sad moment for Lawton establishment. 1? is actually to high ????. I thought it was just me but I watched other customersand well the rest is speaks volumes. ???????????? Read more

Kenneth T 1 year ago

Update after remodel. This place is still the same thought I would give it another chance. The picture below taken on 6/25/22... 7:30am. Just disgusting down to my last bite of biscuits and gravy Huge hair at the bottom. The manager was not dressedappropriately nasty grease stained wrinkled shirt.. Never ever again will I come here. The one on Lee blvd is just as bad. Nocustomer service here what so ever. You stand at the counter while employees walk right by you and do that just walk by. No canI help you or anything. Also the young guy with the blonde streak in his hair is super rude. Read more

Randy Jasinski 1 year ago

Well I posted on Google what my experience was here I won't ever eat here again. THEY HAVE COCKROACHES in there milkshake and it... was in my mouth. More if what happened on Google. They did give me 60.00 on a gift card. Which is also on the review. All infoon Google. Good luck braums list me at cockroach Read more