Reviews for Jimmy's Egg - Lawton in Lawton, OK

Ashley 1 year ago

You can tell that Jimmy's Egg is definitely from the 90's era and before with your first impression of their signage. When you... walk in, the place shows signs of wear and tear with its age. We were seated immediately and the service was pretty quick. Weordered and when our food arrived it was hot and pretty good. Prices were reasonable for the food we received. If you arelooking for a decent place to go for good food that is not a hole-in-the-wall, this is a good place to go. Read more

Patricia McGarry 1 year ago

What an amazing place! Visiting family from out of state and wanted to take everyone to breakfast! Food was excellent and so... much that we got to take some home. Also, loved the coffee cups and since my husband's name is Jimmy, I bought two to take home!We also had a wonderful server who made sure we were happy with everything! The rest of the staff were also very friendly bothin our greeting and goodbyes. That says alot on a busy Sunday morning. I will be sure to come back next time we are in town! Read more

jared bachrach 1 year ago

The service is great. The place is clean. However the food is not good. Order the Popeyes revenge omelette with a cinnamon... roll and fruit. The omellete was over cooked, had canned mushrooms, hardly any cheese. The cinnamon roll was stale, maybestore bought, and microwaved. Coffee was good. With military discount, total was like 14 and some change before tip. I amgoing to stick with IHOP. It is not really any better but has better combos. Paid 1.99 up charge for the cinnamon roll. Read more

AnDe Caos 2 years ago

Good place to have breakfast, cordial team, I noticed a very friendly atmosphere. I ordered over easy eggs with bacon, bacon... was extremely crunchy, how I like it! Coffee was good quality, will definitely come back for more! Read more

S S 2 years ago

Had an early morning and decided to swing in here with my wife. Small place and can get busy extremely fast; not a problem but... you should definitely be prepared to wait a few minutes if you are not the earliest of birds. The server was incredible though,she was always stopping by to refill coffee and check on us. Once ordered the food came out quickly. The dishes looked verygood, but were definitely lacking in flavor. For the skillet it was on a bed of home fries which is a great start but therewasn't anything of note to the whole dish. I would suggest seasoning the home fries with some dried oregano at least, maybe evena dash of smoked paprika. My wife's dish was the biscuits and gravy. She like the gravy due to it actually having plenty of goodsausage in it but the gravy was also lacking in any seasoning. Some good cracked pepper could be a fine addition, but hey toeach his own. We enjoyed the dinner/iHop feel, the food was average, price okay, but the waitress was the thing that made thisplace better then average. Read more

Ms. L 2 years ago

The service was extremely slow. We were about ready to leave when the waitress brought our cold food. My food was not what I was... expecting, and we let the waitress know. I had ordered a bed of greens salad, which comes with the burger of your choice on it.When I ordered, I showed the waitress the menu item because there seemed to be some confusion. After I let her know my foodwasn't correct, she talked to her manager then came back and told me something to the effect of I had received what I ordered. I picked up a menu and slowly read it to her. The manager came over and talked to us. We really didn't have time to wait for theorder to be re-made by then. She had it remade as a to go order so she could " make it right". Unfortunately, it was stillmissing the jalapenos. I was not happy about paying full price for this fiasco. I did get to eat a few bites of hot food on myway back to work. Normally, I am a generous tipper, but I was not happy with the way the waitress talked to me when she triedtelling me that I got what I ordered, so as a result, I left no tip. Read more

Finnley Evans 2 years ago

Well....I thought it was a safe bet for breakfast, it's a chain restaurant and can't be bad. Well, I was proven very wrong. Very... very very wrong. Where do I start? I guess when we were seated. Our server was very slow at first, and we expected betterservice once it slowed and she said she could focus on us better but zero luck. It took 10 minutes for a refill on sweet tea formy partner. My first cup of coffee had a chip and lipstick stains. The strawberry waffle had 4 strawberry pieces on it...when wepaid $1.99 extra for it....it wasn't what it should have been. The queso burrito was bland and potato chunks too big for aburrito. Overall, poor experience and won't be back. Read more

Kasey Raia Stout 2 years ago

This was our first time trying Jimmy's Egg, and it was an awful experience. We went on a Sunday morning when it was really busy,... but we only waited about 15 minutes to sit down. The coffee was not very good for starters, it tasted burnt. We both ordered ourfood, and when it came out was when the real issues began. I opened my silverware and there was food on it. I waited about 5minutes for our waitress to come back and check on us, I asked for an extra side of chipotle mayo and then showed her mysilverware so she left to grab another set, but we didn't see her again for 10 minutes. When she came back she unwrapped thenapkin herself and found dirty silverware on a second set and so she left again. Finally after 15 minutes my husband got up andwalked to another table to grab silverware, and the one he grabbed also had food on it. Our waitress saw him and ran and grabbedme silverware which she said hand washed. I took a couple bites of my food and of course it was cold by then. My pancakes wereundercooked and the potatoes were bland. At this point I had asked for the extra side of chipotle mayo 4 times, and still hadnot seen it. After I ate some of my pancakes and 25 minutes from when I first asked for the chipotle mayo, she came by andrealized she never got it for me, so I finally just asked for a box. She ended up bringing it out with the box. Additionally myhusband's food was not good. He started eating it right away and it was cold. His vegetable skillet was very bland, covered intoo much cheese, and was very wet. His mushrooms were also canned (not fresh). His biscuit was not very well cooked either, sohe didn't eat very much. The manager was walking around and I believe he saw me sitting for a long time without touching my foodbut he never came over to see what the issue was. Our waitress was very busy, so we understood the situation to an extent, butwaiting so long for clean silverware that the food gets cold is terrible. Overall, we had a very bad Read more