Reviews for TBD Kitchen in Lewisville, TX

joseph silvas 1 year ago

This is a super hidden gem. Great margaritas, had the loaded nachos, they were great. It is hard to notice...since its next door... to Pie 314. Highly recommend this place. Read more

Alice L. 1 year ago

The way this restaurant is set up is just weird IMHO. You walk through the door wondering if you ended up in the back service... area. Its busy & loud & crowded & its the only way through the restaurant, so you maneuver through that food service area,trying not to get in the way, thinking you'll find the hostess stand at the other end. Nope. So you navigate back to the foodservice area to find out you seat yourself. Upon seating yourself, service is attentive & prompt. They ran out of all thespecials, so I ordered the carne asada, which was quite tender. Its a family friendly restaurant, so if you want to be able tohear & talk with your dining party, this may not be the best setting. Food - 4 stars Atmosphere - 2 stars Read more

Becky Haire 1 year ago

Ordered Chicken Fajitas and a side of the brussel sprouts to go 45 min ago. Just got home to realize they didn’t give me... tortillas - oh well, that happens. However, The chicken tasted very bland, which means it was not marinated at all. Theguacamole had chips broken in it, which means someone in the kitchen was dipping into it - gross!! And it was just mashed upavocado with no spices added and it was brown which means it wasn’t fresh. Very disappointed especially when I spent $25 forthe order! The brussel sprouts were tasty, but not worth $25. While I was waiting for the order, a male employee enteredcarrying a bag and announced “I’m going to eat my sh*t before I clock in”. It appeared to be all young kids running theplace. I’ve been in the restaurant business for 30 years so these observations are based on my experience. Too bad, but Iwon’t return. It’s a cute little restaurant but needs some quality control. This was at 4:30 on a Friday evening. I’mvery happy to say that within 30 minutes of posting my review, I was contacted by Manager, Sean. He apologized for what Iexperienced and offered to deliver another order to my home. When the food arrived, it was hot, tortillas included, and thechicken was flavorful and cooked/marinated to perfection. This kind of response and ownership truly shows he cares about hisguests. I was extremely impressed and pleased. I wish more restaurants showed this kind of concern. I will return and I’lltell my friends! Thanks, Sean. Read more

Renee Baker 1 year ago

Dine here often, I find myself craving TBD! It’s not only the food, but the drinks and atmosphere. The Surf and Turf is not... your usual Chili Renello, it’s filled with deliciousness of grilled vegetables, rice, shrimp and beef cooked to perfection.Guacamole with spicy jalapeño and roasted brussels sprouts are the perfect shareables. Read more

Grimwulf 1 year ago

The best tortilla soup I've had in my life. I bet it could rival the fabled soup from Lost Can #33 - one that was made from... unknown contents. A mystery that remains unsolved to this day. I gave up on the mystery, but I'll never stop visiting TBDKitchen. TBD is life. TBD is love. Thanks for all the soup! Read more

Brian B 2 years ago

I have been here a couple of times now. Tried all the tacos and a huge plate of nachos. It was all good. They make a pretty... good Mole Old Fashioned too. Read more

matt frost 2 years ago

First of all I couldn’t find your Tuesday street tacos to start of this review. Not a problem. I can work with it. (About an... hour ago) Beth found that you had taco Tuesdays. That was all it took for me to get up after a long day and say lead the way.It was 7PM Tuesday night. We didn’t have to wait. That’s a plus. The staff was super awesome to some of our requests. Iwanted an extra shot of tequila. Beth had the mango margarita which I hear was the bomb. We had a plan. We were going to haveone of each of the tacos apiece. None of them disappointed. I would however advise caution with the chorizo. All and all I givethis place a 10. Sugar skulls adorned. Alissa is our favorite waitress when we come in. I just don’t have enough good thingsto say about this place. Read more

Lori Hill 2 years ago

Taco Tuesday, hooray! We have lived so close for so long, and tonight was our first time experience. Loud and crowded and... just what we needed for a Tuesday night! $2 Street Tacos were delicious… $5 margaritas even better… mine was a sangriaswirl which made the thought of Wednesday better already. Next time… maybe fish and chips…? Read more