Reviews for Papa Johns Pizza in Lexington Park, MD

Jonathan Neville 1 year ago

Sam was great! Friendly and quick service. Probably the best Papa johns location I've used. Thank you!

Slim Snickers 1 year ago

So, I and my family all like Papa John's flavor over other pizza places. But this Papa John's has become sloppy. This is the... 5th order in a row in which my order has been with wrong, delivered upside down or they forgot something. Though they have beengood at fixing the issue each time I called, I should not have to call EVERY SINGLE TIME and wait an extra hour to eat. Somaybe a review will make a difference. This time, ordered a custom pizza which was supposed to have steak on it along withother ingredients. Guess what, no steak. The sticker on the box says I paid for steak. But at least it was delivered rig. And please, go back to the other box for wing delivery. First off, this new plastic thing pops open too easily and risksdropping it at the door. Secondly...it's plastic vice biodegradable cardboard. Please Papa John's, get your act together andstart caring about more than making money. Being by far the most expensive pizza place, make your full experience appear to beworth it. People like my family are loyal enough customers that we'll continue to order, but don't let customer loyalty be anexcuse, but a reason to make it right, everytime. Read more

Bluroc Obama 1 year ago

Walked in to order a large 3-topping pizza. The pizza was good, the front worker was nice and respectful, and my order was ready... in great time. Read more

Chyane Jiron 2 years ago

The pizza here is great! The wait time is very reasonable as well, however had an issue with a delivery driver being rude.

Elliott Ellison 2 years ago

The food is normally really good from this Papa John's that's not my knock my knock is it is absolutely outrageously priced. You... can go to longhorn and get a steak dinner for what a large stuffed crust pizza costs. Read more

Nicholas Bradney 2 years ago

I got this Halloween themed pepperoni thin crust pizza on Oct 31. Pizza was good and the staff were friendly and quick to... expedite my order to me. Read more

Noah Lincoln 5 years ago

Absolutely the worst pizza delivery experience I have ever had. Waited for more than an hour and a half before calling to check... on our order. They claimed it was delivered, and were rude over the phone. Once I finally was able to resubmit the order, I wasagain met with arrogance. Over an hour later, I received a text saying that the delivery had arrived. I immediately respondedand confirmed my location. After waiting a few minutes, I received another text saying they had left with the delivery but wouldreturn shortly. When they didn?t, I called the store again to check if the delivery was coming back, they said I was at fault.When the food finally arrived (after 5 hours of waiting), the order wasn?t even correct The manager, ?Jeff? was absolutely nohelp at all. He was incredibly rude and did not respect the idea of customer service whatsoever. I highly urge you todiscontinue business with this store. Read more


Where I work at we get papa johns delivered every single day. They sale the pizza 1.50 a slice. Which is clearly overpriced but... the pizza is always good even after sitting under a heat lamp for 2 hrs. So I decided to order some at home hoping it wouldtaste even better fresh. And of course, I was wrong. The pizza tasted worst being fresh than it did being under a heat lamp forhrs. The pizza I got was like they weren't even interested in making it. Not enough sauce, not enough toppings. I paid for extragarlic butter ( the only reason to choose them over any other pizza joint) and they didn't even bring them. Pizza is normallydoughy and needs at least 3 cups of garlic butter to go with it. I thought this was just a mistake but I've ordered at least 10times and it's never consistent. I think I'm done with this place. If I want some I will just grab it from under the heat lampat work. Since its perfect each time they bring it here. Don't know if that's the thing for them that it depends on where it'sordered they actually try to make it taste good. But this pizza cost way to much for it to be so damn inconsistent. Get yourstuff together papa. Make every pizza the same way no matter where it's ordered. for god sakes, if someone orders 3 cups ofgarlic butter bring 3 cups. I don't even know why they charge you extra for them. The best thing about papa johns is the garlicbutter. Read more