Reviews for Subway in Liberty, MS

Omega Alpha 2 years ago

Great staff. Friendly and welcoming. Probably my favorite place to eat lunch in liberty

Richard Lesley 2 years ago

The last 3 times I placed an online order, all of my sandwiches were drowned in mayonnaise. I mean seriously, who puts half a... bottle of mayo on a sub? What makes it worse, I didn?t order mayo on any of the sandwiches. Read more

Abigail 3 years ago

Service has been good until today when I placed my order about 35-40 minutes in advance of 12pm. Order isn?t ready when I arrive... at 12:05. No one cares to start making the order after I step in the door. They just continue with the line of others that arestanding here. Not coming back for a while. Read more

Mackie H 4 years ago

Nicholas is the one that took our order he's really sweet and great customer service!! Edit: Jul 17-20 Something always goes... wrong when I come here. Don't listen, takes too long, has an attitude, won't speak up and if asked they get frustrated. I'mdone... Read more

Edgar Pearson 4 years ago

My favorite sub is seafood sensation. They served expired food to me and made me sick. I will go back but i will be sure to ask... them check their food to see if it is bad. Read more

Keri Campbell 4 years ago

Zero stars. Multiple issues with this recent visit, although Most problematic is my freezing cold oven roasted chicken breast... that still has ice on it. It was purchased for me so I didn?t realize it, but ?Not toasted? doesn?t mean frozen! Attemptedcalling to speak to someone about it, but no answer to the phone during open business hours. Terrible customer service. Read more

Val Burris 5 years ago

Brittany made my sandwich twice and each time i finished eating it all. She makes my sandwich just right! I dont know her... technique but it works! ????Just the right amount of ingredients and condiments make for an awesome sandwich! ???????????? Read more

jack Jack 6 years ago

Girl was talking on her phone while taking my order had to repeat myself multiple times. And if you can give change for a... hundred state so before you make the sandwich. Read more