Reviews for Subway in Lincoln, NE

Susan Turk 1 year ago

Stopped at this subway while traveling. While waiting in line, witnessed the female employee who was dressing the sandwiches... sneeze directly into her glove. She continued to dress the sandwiches. I immediately walked away. Othee patrons remarkedabout how gross that was. Read more

B smiles 1 year ago

The attitude of most of the employees is what keeps me coming back. Someday I want to order 3 sandwiches just to see what... happens. Haven't been able to work up the courage yet though lol Read more

Robert Raspperry 1 year ago

Smug employees, no hi, no hello how can I help you, just had to bark out to the lady what I wanted. I asked for a chicken bacon... ranch salad and the portion of the meat honestly was pathetic and she didn't ask me if I wanted cheese on the meat before shestuck it in the little oven, started to put the salad together and was just coughing up all types of flem and just nastiness, Iwas already irritated with the service, the lack of meat and not asking if I wanted cheese on it then you add the nasty coughingwhile putting my SALAD together that COULD be from COVID so I decided to just walk away before paying for that garbage. I'venever in the 30 years I've been alive just walked away from an ordering and order so that should tell you something lmaooo. Thisplace is closing for good on 04/24/22 at 5pm, I can definitely see why. Read more

C K Lee 2 years ago

I'm sorry she had to stop what she was doing to make a protein bowl then it turned out to be half a bowl and rude as can be....

MIKE HOAGLAND 3 years ago

Was ordering online to get the 2 footlongs for 5 dollars each the forgein lady with white hair told me just like this "Get out... the way so other customers can order" not gonna be spoken to rudely so I left sad that they let that woman work there she has nocustomer service skills at all Everytime I go there she has attitude ???? Read more

Elle Woodrich 4 years ago

Well don?t go there at 8:30 at night for a meatball sub. The lady will walk away and say how she hates this time of night while... heading to the back to get meatballs I assume. I just turned away and walked away. Not worth the attitude. Read more

Jordan Wiles 4 years ago

They staff gave me attitude while making my sandwich. If you go here, dont get shredded cheese. And if you ask for more they... will charge a dollar for barely any more. The whole atmosphere of the staff was offputting. I will not be going back. Read more

Mark Rayer 6 years ago

I don't know why all of these bad reviews. I came in @ 7:30am Saturday 1/27/18 and had a great experience with this location.... All of the ingredients looked well-stocked and fresh. Picture-perfect as a matter of fact. They made me a breakfast sandwichthat wasn't even on the menu anymore: A Sunrise Subway Melt prepared & toasted to my preference. No issues & will return. Read more