Reviews for Pizza Man & Ice Cream Man in Litchfield, IL

Ann Trumpy 1 year ago

Food was okay. Salad bar was nice. I like the way they cut the pizza in smaller slices so you can try more pizza. Wasn't happy... with the cheese pizza, but the Supreme was good. Read more

shelley adams 1 year ago

It was our first time there and we all loved it. The pizza was delicious so much to choose from. Salad bar was fresh. Pasta was... great. No complaints at all. Left stuffed and happy. Read more

Rob 1 year ago

Only had pizza and salad on the buffet. 25 $ for 2 buffets and all the pizza was dry and bland. When we were leaving they put a... burnt pizza out. Definitely not going back. Read more

Anonymous 1 year ago

I love pizza man, it is and always has been my favorite place around. I recently got a pizza there and I?m not sure if it?s new... owners, new recipe, new employees or what but my pizza hardly had any sauce on it at all. It Definitely tasted noticeably offcompared to any other time I?ve eaten here and it really wasn?t great! This won?t stop me from eating here in the futurenecessarily but hopefully this was a mistake or will at least be addressed in the future. Please don?t skirt out oningredients!! Read more

Angela S 2 years ago

Last Sunday my granddaughter and I went to pizza man for their buffet. She ordered a sweet tea with the buffet. The lady told... us that she had to make some as they were out. We paid over 32.00 for 2 buffets and drinks. We got to the salad bar, therewas no ranch dressing, no eggs, very little ham and bacon. We waited for them to fill it, which never happened. We went forthe pizza buffet, the pasta dishes were dried out, some of the pizzas have been sitting for awhile, bread steads were hard, andthe cheesy sticks were gone. After waiting over 15 min for sweet tea, we finally asked an employee about it. She went to checkfor us and came back telling us that she was told to tell us they decided not to make any to just put sugar packets inunsweetened tea. My granddaughter ended up with water. As we were walking out, I approached the manager Aaron about theseissues and he sd yep she could've put sugar in the tea. I told him there is definitely a difference when you add sugar packetsto cold tea. We discussed things a little further. He shrugged his shoulders and said, well we did all we could do. I toldhim no, not really. He wanted to argue about it. I told him I would call the owners on Tues. He Says go right ahead and tellScott. I said I would and walked out. I called Tues. Afternoon and left a message for the owners to call and almost a weeklater I haven't heard a word. Shows how much they value their customers and problems that occur. Apparently they don't care. It use to be a great place when their parents owned it. It's went down hill since they retired!!!! Read more

Josie Gehler 2 years ago

Good brick oven pizza! Too bad Ice cream Man was closed for the season... really, who doesn't eat ice cream year round

Frank Jones 5 years ago

Not worth $11 per person. It's more like a snack bar buffet than a lunch and dinner buffet. Potato curls were my favorite. Salad... bar was ok. Pizza is boring, no flavor. Buffet is appealing to kids - chicken strips, mac 'n cheese, little smokies, onionrings, spaghetti with meatballs, soft ravioli, ziti noodles with red sauce, nacho cheese sauce with tortilla chips. Restaurantitself was extremely clean and comfortable. Read more

Tim Marten 7 years ago

Awesome buffet! Available every day for lunch and also Tuesday nights. Salad bar, pastas, breadsticks, wide selection of pizza,... and cinnamon sticks. Under $10 without a drink and definitely worth it. Read more