Reviews for The Gypsy Bistro in Lockeford, CA

College Muscle Move, Storage & Haul 1 year ago

1st time here and I heard so much about the restaurant food being amazing. Unfortunately, it was not. I'll spare you all the... details but I ordered a medium rare ribeye steak and I literally received a burnt steak. The polenta was creamy and good and theseasoned grilled veggies were good too. The atmosphere was rustic nice but the pictures on the walls were a bit boring andlacked creativity & effort. Overall I would go back. Just would be apprehensive. Read more

Vanessa Smith 1 year ago

Excellent food and great service, I have been here twice. They know what they are doing! I had the Gilroy Ribeye steak sandwich... which was amazing. Read more

Mark Krauhs 1 year ago

Very good brunch. Great menu with most enjoyable brunch items. Very enjoyable staff . A must try.

Joey Gmuender 1 year ago

Excellent food and awesome atmosphere. I had the venison, cooked perfectly. Another at our table ordered the Philadelphia... sandwich and I was blown away. Hidden gem. Read more

joni gilbertson 2 years ago

Three of us went for my birthday . The food was amazing. We shared the artichoke spread as an appetizer and rich it was... flavorful but not overly dependent on Mayo or cheese. The herbs were a great addition. The ambience was relaxing. Although itis a small dining area you felt like you were the only ones . I had the the filet with the potatoes and it was served with greenbeans. My friends had the creole red snapper with polenta. All were beautifully cooked with excellent seasoning. Our server wasnew, only a few days working there, but she was friendly , helpful and if she couldn’t answer our questions asked anotherstaff to come to our table. We brought our own wine and the corkage was only 10.00 a bottle. Dessert was good , we shared thebrownie sundae and the strawberry shortcake. Overall, the service was excellent, the food delicious and a really comfortableatmosphere to relax and enjoy a meal. I can’t wait to return. Read more

Daniel T. 2 years ago

The food is very good. The service is slowish. For example 2 of us arrived first a 3rd showed up later by 20min but the 3rd... person got their food before us maybe they forgot to turn in our order to the kitchen, worse case I guess we could stay forbrunch in the morning ugghhhh. But wait there is more so my order was wrong , so I got it to go since the other 2 people werenear done with their dinner. We were there over an hour, the restrooms are outside the restaurant and a very long walk and kindarun down. Thankfully I could stand, if you are a woman you might want to hold it until you get home. If you are handicapped thesame just don’t bother stay away it’s too far for people with difficulty walking. If the weathers is bad like raining youwill get drenched to by the time you get to the restrooms. So it’s up to you can you manage the distance? Next, dinner is inwhat would best describe as a concrete box which seems a bit cold and damp in winter, it ha all the ambiance of a falloutshelter which I guess if the apocalypse hits during dinner, you can always wait for the flash and incinerating heat to pass thenyou might survive but your car will be toast. I was getting bored so after over an 2 hours and still no dinner, finally home andI devoted my time to this review. Read more

Jessica Tax 2 years ago

The service was amazing despite the fact that they were short staffed and the food was absolutely delicious! My family and I... were very pleased with our dishes. I highly, highly recommend the Shrimp Scampi, and my sister loved the Herb Chicken withwhipped potatoes (she's a picky eater). To top it all off, the outdoor seating is in a beautiful patio area in front of therestaurant. This was an absolutely lovely dining experience, and I will definitely be back. Read more

Charlene 4 years ago

Food was great took awhile but it was worth the wait. They also had a vendor group there lots of great stuff