Reviews for Marvellous 2 For 1 Pizza & Wings in London, ON

Badluckmojo 1 year ago

I read some reviews where people had mentioned order mistakes and missing items. I tried this place for the first time and... unfortunately, this was my experience as well. I placed a walk-in order and I tipped, too. Probably shouldn't have. It's not theend of the world, and wasn't a lot of money, but paying for things and not receiving them is always a slap in the balls. 3 starsfor affordable pricing in general.. Read more

Jennifer Cruickshank Paisley 1 year ago

This is one of my favorite pizza joints in the city. It has an old school vibe. The staff are very friendly. It's not so much a... dining in place. Let's get down to the nitty gritty: -your pizza will be a good size. It's not going to be small or artisanalbread where a medium feeds two people deal. You can feed a family of four on it. -unpretentious. - they give decent cheese andtoppings and it's not too expensive. -they don't undercook - the place is clean - it is easy to eat, not deep dish or thickcrusty bread. Moist - reheats well the next day. Read more

Tammy Brown 1 year ago

Best Pizza I have ever ate !!!!! Not only is it awesome but the staff are amazing and friendly. My order last night had a mix up... and they made it better with no arguments this is a place everyone should order from. THANK YOU Read more

Allie O'Hara 1 year ago

Since moving into the neighbourhood I have been a regular customer at "Marvellous 2 For 1 Pizza & Wings". I couldn't be any... happier with the Pizza! It is always hot, fresh, and has a very fair amount of whatever toppings it is that you ordered. Theprices are super reasonable, you have alot of Value options/combinations. The only negative is sometimes you are waiting alotlonger then expected due to high demand, (that being said I have never had to wait longer then one hour) but as soon as yourfood arrives you could care less because it is worth the wait!! Employees are kind, and also accountable. If they make a mistakeon something (which has only happened once to me out of 75+ orders) employees take your word and correct the mistake willinglyat no extra charge to you, including delivery. Overall, this is the best place I have ever ordered from at such a good price! Read more

Derek cook 1 year ago

I have had this pizza many times and I'm never disappointed in any aspect from cleanliness to customer service. 100% would... recommend! Read more

Dean Doxtator 1 year ago

You have one of the best single slices I have ever had and I am telling the rest of my family. Your pizza sauce is not to spicy... like other places same with pepperoni. Thank you ladies. Read more

Fawzi Qaisi 1 year ago

$22.99? that?s all I have to say! Just wow! The best food I?ve had in a long time! The wings are to die for! 10/10

Shadowspeed X 2 years ago

Not our favourite pizza anymore since the old owners sold. Wings went up in price a lot which is understandable now a days. ... But we have noticed that the pizza ???? isn?t as good either? Thinner dough crust, less sauce, floppy thin pizza, used to visitonce a week, not as much, actually not at all anymore, thankfully there are lots of other good pizza places in London. Read more