Reviews for Asuka in Los Angeles, CA

Denis Fung 1 year ago

After this dinner, I decided to start this diary of my food experience, in particular for the memorable ones. Oct 21, 2022... (Fri) It's been quite a while since my last visit to Westwood neighborhood, and this area is never on the top of the list whenit comes to Japanese cuisine. (I might be wrong) There's nothing wrong with the food, it's delicious and fresh which isexpected given the price. No intention to list everything I ordered, but I think the Toro sashimi, uni nigiri, wagyu beef areoutstanding. SERVICE IS SHOCKINGLY POOR. This dude waiter is absolutely pushy when it comes to recommendation. "I think youshould start with sashimi, Toro is great (MP on menu)....do you want the xxxxx yellowtail sushi? (my friend just want normalyellowtail and the premium version is 40% more in price)...you want 4 sushi? (despite I asked for 2 sushi since not all of usare eating). All in all, I felt very uncomfortable with his aggressive behavior and standing within 2 inches next to my friendwhen my friend is looking at the bill and deciding how much tips to pay. OH, boss is sneaky as hell. He doesn't even answer myquestion on where he is from, he is very weird. I felt very bad for the normal staff working there. Good food NEEDS TO comewith a certain level of service. (I think I would have done a way better job than those dudes even with my historical waiterwork experience at Starbucks and some restaurants). Read more

Sasi T 1 year ago

Super high quality of food and Impressive service.

Alex Barron 1 year ago

These guys aren't messing around. Stellar service. Master sushi chefs shout "Arigato!" as each customer leaves. And the sushi... itself is outstanding. I'm from the east coast, and while I've occasionally had sushi this good, I can't think of a full sushiexperience I've enjoyed so much. Read more

Mega Jewell 1 year ago

Vincent and his team, Chris are incredible. They explained where our food came from and the standards they have behind their... process ???????? Read more

Brian Hard 1 year ago

Asuka had very good, attentive service from the start. The food was clean and fresh and also had a very nice, classic Japanese... aesthetic. It was great to have "real" Japanese food and not the fusion that is more common these days. (Which can be greatitself, just Asuka tends towards traditional.) The prices aren't cheap but the service and presentation are worthy of theasking price. Read more

Jane Kim 1 year ago

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary here and got the omakase mid tier. We were quite full at the end of the meal. The tiramsu... at the end tasted like a cheese cake custard - chef' kiss. Read more

Jeremy L 2 years ago

Asuka was open four years ago in Westwood Los Angeles. It offers an $85 or $150 kaisaki menu and a la carte. I like the good... pacing of foods with very fresh raw fishes and a nice ambience. We love the small outdoor dining environment. Currently, thesushi bar is not open due to the pandemic. The restaurant inside is very clean. Read more

Christian Lee 2 years ago

I got the omakase, $68 Looking at the other orders leaving the sushi bar, it looks like that is what most people get. It is a... pretty basic selection, but still a good variety for the price. If I had one disagreement, it was that the rice on the nigiriwas a bit dry, but to the point where I don’t think most people would notice it. I appreciate their creativity with thetoppings. It’s always a fun way to see a chefs creative twist on sushi. They make their own wasabi blend, and it is reallytasty. It almost had me fooled with real wasabi, as it has some of the same characteristics, but not all. I would give the fishquality a 4/5 on my sushi scale. Maybe around the level of sugar fish or just above, but not 5/5 mind blowing, or life changingsushi. Read more