Reviews for Little Caesars Pizza in Louisville, MS

Kal Hicks 1 year ago

The service has gone downhill. You have to wait almost over half an hour just to get your order. I've seen people drive off... after no one came to the drive thru window. They need to tighten up and improve service. Read more

Trish Gray 1 year ago

The cashier was friendly. But the crust on the pizza wasn't right this time

Donna Gordon 1 year ago

Pizza dough was not cooked inedible, also if it had been cooked there would not have been enough sauce for me, lots and lots of... cheese, wish it had not been raw dough. Read more

Giles Ward 2 years ago

This past Saturday when I arrived, all the employees were standing at the back door talking to someone. I finally got someone to... come to the counter. I told them my name and that I was there to pick up my order which I had placed on line. Two employeesstarted looking at their terminal, then back at each other and grinning and told me they had no record of my order - theircomputer didn?t work any more. I suspicioned they were seeing my order for the first time. I was disgusted and left. When Igot home I looked at my iPhone and saw where my credit card had been charged $68 for the order they ?never? received, so Iturned around and drove back. When I came in the store they told me, ?we are working on your order! ? I asked them how theyknew what my order was if they never received it? They stared at me and walked back into the caverns of the kitchen withoutanswering. One hour and 32 minutes after the order was placed, I was handed my 8 pizzas which I had ordered for an end ofschool swimming party for her classmates. This was not the first time I?ve experienced this lack of concern at little Caesar?s. BUT IT WILL BE THE LAST TIME!! Read more

Joy Eads 2 years ago

Called today to order a pizza. Any pizza honestly. Or cheese sticks or something!! When they finally answered I was told they... don?t have the items to take orders. So why are you still open today?? Read more

Lisa 2 years ago

There is something to say about getting a pizza fast????????, but with that said they no longer have pizza portal and the... majority of the time my order was not what I ordered either through portal, in person or on the phone, or the store doesn't haveingredients in stock. Very rarely will anyone answer the telephone to take an order so you have to order at the drive throughand wait in the parking lot. If you just want a standard pepperoni pizza, they usually have those. Read more

aiden hickman 2 years ago

This is totally ridiculous. I've been waiting for 30 minutes for 3 boxes of pizza. The manager is so busy talking to friends... outside the building instead of being inside of little caesars helping the employees. There are to many young ppl here that'snot taking their jobs seriously. If anyone knows who is over this store please let them know that their company is going down. Read more

Bethany Branning 2 years ago

I went through the drive through no one would come to the window so I drove around they were sitting down on their phones!!!... This is the first time I?ve been able to get a pizza in over a month bc of them closing early!!!! This place is ridiculous andneeds new employees!!! Wish it had an option for no stars!!!! Read more