Reviews for Arby's in Ludington, MI

David Csaszar 1 year ago

For being fast food to me it wasn't! I guess it's because of the inflation. When you spend 26 dollars on two meals you might as... well go to a restaurant. Read more

Shel Larson 1 year ago

I enjoy eating at Arbys, but the Ludington Arbys is unacceptable. I?ve rarely been more disappointed. This wasn?t the first time... at the Ludington Arbys I?ve been disappointed, but actually almost every time I?ve gone there. Read more

Theresa Kelley 1 year ago

I drove all the way from Onekama to Ludington to get a cheese steak sandwich with a special coupon. They said they ran out and... it was only 1 pm. I was extremely disappointed. I ordered something I didn't want and ended up throwing it out. I'm not ahappy camper. Read more

Carey Hill 1 year ago

Arbys is a decent place. Not really a fast foodie so none of them are great to me. But you can depend on Arbys for a slightly... different menu and good flavor. Read more

Kay Rataczak 1 year ago

We are from out of state, we used coupons from our state and they honors them with a smile and said out of state? Glad to have... you here Thank you enjoy our state. Read more

Angela Green 1 year ago

Ordered brisket sandwich yesterday was great.. ordered a brisket sandwich today nothing but fat was so gross.. boy what a day... difference makes Read more

Natasha Boris 1 year ago

What's up with the sticky floor that lasted like 3 months? I haven't been back there but I'm wondering if it's still sticky. I... don't understand that, because when I worked in customer service it was very noticeable, and usually a manager sent someone outto fix that. It means that someone spilled some pop or something sticky, it dried, and apparently an employee used the mop tomop up that mess and then continued to mop the whole floor without rinsing it. Or they're using some mystery cleaner that isn'tfor flooring. They need a degreaser. It's just odd and annoying and it makes it look and feel dirty. A few months ago we sat atthe same table, I think every week for 3 weeks, and the same food was still in the corner underneath the table on the floor. Soit wasn't getting swept and it wasn't getting mopped. That's just lazy. Because they had the staff to do it at the time. Onanother note, they generally have a clean bathroom. And on a food note, they have a pretty good Reuben sandwich. Some of thewraps are good. The taziki sauce is good. But some of the sandwiches, don't have any enough meat on them, like the chickensalad. They have a great jamocha shake, and their shakes are also really thick as well so the shake isn't already melted whenyou pick it up from the window in the summer. The lemonades are really good. The curly fries are good when they are made fresh.I noticed the last few times I was there, I had to ask for fresh fries because they have everything sitting under a heat lampready to be served. But since I have to wait so long for my meal anyways, I would rather have them just make the fries fresh perorder. It doesn't make sense to premake all the fried food when it doesn't stay crispy, and if you're not going to utilize thattime to do other work, like cleaning the floors or the dining tables, then don't pre-fry so you can stand around. Justsaying. Oh, and the turnovers are delish! The icing isn't the same as it used to be though... Used to be Read more

Keri Olds 1 year ago

Went through and had a 2 for 5 cupon for their beef and cheddars. On the coupon it states you can use it up to 5 times. I only... asked to use it twice but they refused it and said I could only use it once unless I had two different coupons. Read more