Reviews for Hungry Howie's Pizza in Ludington, MI

Azalea Lundy 1 year ago

Didn’t realize how late to closing we called in for delivery, but the staff was nothing but friendly and assured us ordering... so late was just fine! I certainly won’t make that a habit, but thankful they saved me from cooking. Read more

Sassy Gal 1 year ago

Had an excellent experience recently. Wanted to do something special for my oxygen supply company so I found out their favorite... pizza place (here!) and the kind of pizza they all liked. I then secretly ordered them pizzas to be delivered on a day when Iknew most of them would be there in the office. The staff here was awesome about taking my orders and even went the extra mileto draw hearts inside the boxes with my name in it so they knew who it was from. They delivered right on time and the oxygensupply manager texted me a huge thanks and said the delicious pizza was going fast. He sent me pics of the pizza boxes with thehearts/my name and I called Hungry Howie's to tell the manager how very pleased I was, from start to finish, with their staffand how the orders were handled. Thank you, staff, at Hungry Howie's! Great job! Read more

Tonto Johnson 1 year ago

Very friendly and the night over the phone order lady very seductive voice .. could keep calling back just to listen to her

Bri Nelson 1 year ago

Does not close at 9 it closes before. Tried to place an order at 815 online and said store closed. Tried calling and no answer.... 45 minutes till closing time is more than enough time to make a pizza. Read more

Emily Lane 1 year ago

Pizza was fine. The problem is the employee in the kitchen and behind the counter wasn’t wearing shoes

Amy Rohrbach 1 year ago

Omg i love their gluten free pizza! The crust is different than other places, a little thicker, and it's super good. They also... have that old fashioned pepperoni that cups up in the oven. That stuff is is spicy snd SO good, like pizza when I was a kid.Their sauce is always good, too. If you have a dietary restriction and need GF, give their GF pizza a try! Read more

Rebecca CALLESEN 2 years ago

My Son wanted a Pizza, I placed order thought I had more cash than I did, I had Two ten dollar bills four ones and $10 in change... put in an Envelope and placed on door. Pizza came all’s good kids eating and happy, Then I see a missed call and a voice mailinforming me that I was ten dollers short!! What I say how can that be, Well I will never ever leave cash again, I’veordered pizza through Hungry Howies and given cash and I’ve never ever had an issue!!! Will never trust giving cash again, yougot an Employee that is not trustworthy. Read more

Devin Aguirre 2 years ago

Both times i have ordered from here they mess up my order. They forgot my itialian sauce once again for my “Italian sub” ... then took 20 monutes to get back. Then after asking several times about my girlfriends garlic sauce they forgot that aswell.????????????????????? In a hurry dont have time to wait an hour for my sauces. Extremely rude staff, awful food! Definitelychange the management or something… you guys are all over the place… my last time ever at hungry howies???????? Read more