Reviews for Wendy's in Ludington, MI

Mindi Marlow 1 year ago

I've always rather liked Wendy's food. I'm a little disappointed that the salads are over $7 and a burger and fries costs the... same or less. If the salads were twice the size, maybe the price would be more worth it to me. On the plus side, the flavor isexcellent. Read more

Amy Rohrbach 1 year ago

We occasionally order a burger, Since we require gluten free, we take it home, peel off the buns and put it on our own GF... hamburger buns. This is a treat now and then. We order via the mobile app which makes it easy to time your pickup. Friendlystaff, too! Read more

Dan McDevitt 1 year ago

No nfc pay. Curbside is unavailable even though they have signs up. Got the wrong drink after double checking when they told me... it was the wrong drink. Fries came cold, refried, and stale. The oil used needs to be changed. Hopefully they can do better. Read more

Mindy Spencer 1 year ago

Went through the drive thru then parked in the parking lot to eat. I needed to use the restroom but learned the lobby was closed... after walking to the door. The manager came to my car asking if I was missing a sandwich. I explained I was looking for arestroom. She let me go in even though the lobby was closed. Thank you so much!!! Read more

Alicia Parrington 1 year ago

So we live almost in freesoil, my husband swung by Wendy's on his way home I wanted a chicken avocado club. Which is a sandwich... ????, fies & the drink.. Tell me why is it they gave him a salad with crispy chicken.. ?????????????? SMH .. Never again will igo to Wendy's . Called & spoke to the manager who was rude & lacked accountability for his employees who obviously don't knowwhat's on the menu.. Thanks Wendy's hadn't been there in years and now i remember why.. Read more

Kevin Erb 1 year ago

Made a mobile order and thought I clicked 2 10-piece nuggets but apparently I didn?t. When they told me I only ordered one I... asked if I could add another really quick and they said I needed to go all the way around and rejoin the line to order somethingelse. I also got an eye roll when I asked for extra sauce (because again, I thought I had ordered 2 boxes of nuggets). To top itoff, my burger was completely wrong. Some really miserable people working here Read more

Mo Whitney 1 year ago

This Wendy?s is trash. We made an online order with 2 10-piece nuggets for our family of 4. When we got to the window they said... the order was only showing 1 10-piece, they did not get my husband?s burger right at all and forgot half the condiments. Thedude at the window also rolled his eyes when we asked for more sweet and sour sauce (because, you know, we ordered 20 nuggets?) Read more

Jacqueline Derrick 2 years ago

I'm a door dash driver and we have to wait in long line for orders. The customer pays extra for this service. SOLUTION: Do... curbside pick-up for Door Dash drivers. Also, large orders are crammed into 1 bag, the bag is so full the top won'tclose! EASY SOLUTION: put the order in 2 bags 3 stars for night shift because they do an AWESOME job! Read more