Reviews for McDonald's in Macon, MS

Cristy Ely 1 year ago

Nothing in there is stocked no napkins lids or straws. The bathrooms didn't have any toilet paper. Didn't have trash bags in the... trash cans and they were turned backwards. Service was very poor couldn't get our order right and fries were cold. They were notvery nice people either. Read more

Haley Ely 1 year ago

This place is nasty. there was no cups, lids, straws, or ketchup by the drink area. All the sodas were flat. the place was not... clean trash cans were turned around and the trash was piled on top of it. food was not the best. it was cold and they didn?teven get our order right. will not be going back Read more

Sondra Cotton (SunSugBear83) 1 year ago

It was convenient, affordable, and had awesome customer service skills. The employee's were super sweet and helpful and did... their job with a smile. I would recommend others to enjoy it. Read more

ivory claiborne 1 year ago

This location is absolutely deplorable! The stench when you open the door is enough to turn you around. I take fluid pills and I... needed to make a quick restroom stop. The restroom was disgusting, full of flies and maggots and trash and debris on the floor.I couldn?t even use the restroom but I had to post this review. The kitchen staff was eating and drinking behind the counterwith their cups on the prep area like that was the norm and acceptable. If I had brought my phone in, I would have filmed thisfoolishness. I have NEVER seen a McDonald?s location this nasty before and I have traveled all over the U.S. *It wouldn?t letme post without at least a 1-Star Rating because it?s a ZERO for me. Read more

Bob Fruzia 1 year ago

Floor was dirty as well as general overall appearance. Drink area was dirty and had no napkins in the dispenser an employee was... sitting within 10 feet and directed me to another dispenser. A foot size wet spill and on floor iin the drink area was alsobrought to there attention and 15 minutes later as we were leaving there had not been any changes. Read more

Malissa McSwain 1 year ago

I only used the restroom while I was here. However, they were nice, clean, and readily available. More than likely though, the... food is universal and must be similar to any other McDonald's location. Thank you for providing free areas for travelers to makepit stops and for providing decent supplies to all who pass through! ????????????????????????????? Read more

Melissa Wormington 1 year ago

Was attempting to place my order on the app and was trying to see if there was a way to pay with a separate card without storing... it on my app. I pulled up to the first window to ask the lady and at first I was just stared at. The lady seemed alittle takenback but when she came to the window and I explained what I was trying to do she was very polite and looked at it and then washonest and said she was unsure. So we just went ahead and placed the order, went around the building, and gave the code to befair to the vehicle that had ordered before I got my code and while the lady was trying to help me. We ordered a chicken nuggetmeal and a chicken nugget happy meal plus two cheeseburgers. My son didn't want sauce at first for his nuggets when I got to thewindow he changed his mind. When the second lady got to the window she handed us our food and I asked if we could get anotherranch. She argued with me about getting the BBQ sauce that my niece wanted with hers. After trying to explain to her my niecegot a meal and wanted BBQ and my son got a meal and wanted ranch she got an attitude with me and yelled at me to not come at herlike that and slammed the window. She did come back with a ranch for my son but told us to leave. As I was pulling out my niecefound that her BBQ was actually honey mustard. I went through the drive thru again stopping at the first window and explainedthat we got honey mustard not BBQ and she told us to go ahead and pull forward to get it corrected. I said Ma'am I do not thinkthat is a good idea and explained what happened prior. She said "yep sounds like her". She did get the sauce we needed. She wasnice told us to have a good night and apologized for the lady at the second window. That is completely unnecessary! I reallywish I had gotten her name. Read more

RP 1 year ago

This place is filthy. Bathrooms are dirty. Floor is dirty. Trash piling up. Tables not being bussed. The kiosk sucked. Out... of receipt paper. Napkins, straws and lids empty. Dead bugs on the floor. Health Department needs to do an expection. Read more