Reviews for Krystal in Magee, MS

Kathy Moss 1 year ago

Try to use the drive thru. Don't like being inside there.

Lacey McCray 1 year ago

The absolute worst. The most miserable unwelcoming people work here. I got here an hour and a half before closing and they acted... like I walked in 5 seconds before they closed. They had already poured the sweet tea out and wouldn?t make a chili cheese pupbecause they were ?out? I don?t expect much from Krystals but GD. If you hate life and your job stay TF at home. Read more

Virgil Weedn 1 year ago

Workers were a little slow, food was good.

Eric Wesley ?Christian? Sullivan 2 years ago

down sinc 2000 I keeo trying there food but most of them are not. good there even mest up the order. .

R M 2 years ago

I still have dirt all over my truck. Should be hard to get it off its brand new. Tires look like they did get touched. ????

firstnamedrew 2 years ago

I tried stopping by yesterday and was told it would be a 30 min wait... Y'all need to hire some new people, Krystal...... Hattiesburg is the same way Reply to owner: I didn't get served a meal at all. Improving that shouldn't be very difficult, butit seems to be. Read more

D Craft 2 years ago

I had heard horror stories about this place but there was no one else in line, so I thought "how bad could they screw this up".... Order a classic #1, four regular Krystals with NO mustard. When I got home I had 3 tiny bacon and mustard sandwiches. Again..only person in line. Read more

Jennifer Fraser 3 years ago

What a lovely lady at the drive thru window!!! Many a Krystal's drive thru throughout Mississippi I have visited. Not one as... kind and genuinely seemed like my rootbeer was the most important thing at that moment. And with a smile. Thanks to the ladyworking late shift tonight in Magee, Ms. Read more