Reviews for McDonald's in Magee, MS

Noah Creel 1 year ago

It is a fast food restaurant all I can say, it's alright

M B 1 year ago

DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE! Rude staff! Any time that you pull up late here, they are either not answering the drive thru or... window because they decide that they are done an hour early. Tonight they are completely out of DRINKS!?!? We ask what do theyhave that?s not out and the girl says, ?Water.? We asked so no soft drinks and she responds ?coke?. So which is it? So wedecided not to contribute any money here and to give it to another business! LAZY!!!! RUDE!!! They do not care! Emagine whatthe food is treated like before it gets to your mouth! Read more

Mike Kukor 1 year ago

First time being there in months and service was friendly and fast and got the special on the big Mac and I was very satisfied... with the price and food was Hot and will be back again soon and they have gotten better than the last time I was there and keepup the great work ???????? Read more

Chan Mitchell 1 year ago

The restroom was nasty ????. I was like some one could've cleaned it. One of the employees's was in one stall and my son and I... was in the other one (the one with the pull down changing table). The stall was dirty. Urine was on the floor with toilet paperin it. So we was talking about the restroom. We came out of the restroom. One manager was walking in the stall that my son and Ihad used. The manager behind the counter told two female employees to sweep the dining room before they go home. The crew membernor the other manager that used the restroom took initiative when it came to the restroom when they heard us and or saw itthemselves. It was flies in the dining room. Read more

bo 1 year ago

stopped for breakfast but it was 1040. Great time to try new 20peice hot and spicy nugget...........no such luck, they didn't... have any.... had to settle for a burger Read more

BlondieFelicia 1 year ago

Miss Mary was so sweet?she went above and beyond. She checked on us like we were at a sit down restaurant. The best McDonald?s... we have ever been to. Read more

Blakely Odom 2 years ago

AWFUL. The soda machines were flat and sweet tea was out. I went up twice to tell them it was flat and the girl got an attitude.... The guy even came to check the machines and it never got fixed so I just went back up and told them give me sweet tea after Igot my food. The food was cold and fries were old. Lady next to me said they were the worst McDonald fries she?s ever had. The?manager? in yellow was arguing with someone and visibly frustrated and when I went up there I had to yell ma?am bc no one wouldacknowledge me, she just sent someone else to handle it. I normally wouldn?t post reviews but it was just that bad, don?t wasteyour money. Read more

Keller ?Skip? Wilson 2 years ago

First time visiting indoors since pandemic. Things have changed. Kiosks added to order food, but pay-at-kiosk not working at the... one I used. Order was ready fast, though, within two minutes of payment. Read more