Reviews for Wendy's in Magee, MS

patrick Blair 1 year ago

We just stopped for a ice cream treat while traveling thru. Food and service were good. But the floor by the counter was... sticky... Kind of gross Read more

Charles Vent 1 year ago

Attention Health Department. Apparently you've never inspected this place. I'm a restaurant owner and filth like this should be... immediately shut down. This place is the worst I've seen in 40 years. There were flies and cockroaches everywhere. The managerwas literally cursing employees while we were waiting to order. We left without ordering anything. Mississippi Health Departmenthas been notified. Read more

Linda Crawford 1 year ago

Food was good but service today absolutely sucked cause manager was being really rude and cussing at his staff where customers... were waiting for their food at the drive through and they heard him cussing and being ugly with his staff and I don't think thatis the way to handle the business at all something needs to be done with the manager Mike Scott cause if it continues itpossible would ruin the business customers don't need to hear the manager cussing at his staff and the staff doesn't need to becussed out their is a more peaceful and diplomatic and Christian way to talk to his employees that's just my opinion andcustomers don't like hearing some one cussing at his staff.ty Read more

Alex 2 years ago

No greeting when I pulled up to the only window that worked. Just the amount said. Then window shut and as she was saying "hold... on" 5 minutes later still sitting here doing this review. My total was 14 dollars. Read more

La'Tristen Young 2 years ago

For starters I would give a zero but unfortunately that isn?t possible. When I walked in there was no staff taking any orders... causing the lines to be long while the other staff were talking amongst themselves. When the staff did come in for the nextshift they were loud, laughing, and saying unprofessional things. The whole Wendy?s in itself is nasty as we?ll with flyseverywhere, the bathrooms were pitiful as well. Read more

Big Mike 2 years ago

This was one of the dirtiest lobbies of a fast food place I have ever been in. Every trash can over flowed trash and food all... over the floors and about 50 flies over the restaurant. Staff was arguing amongst each other while the cook was drinking a drinkshe stored above the fries while eating fresh fries. I had to keep repeating my order because the cashier kept turning andtalking to the girls in the back and then looking at me crazy when I was getting annoyed repeating my order. I had to use babywipes to wipe a table down to eat at because every table top was covered with trash and food bits, hints why so many flies.Luckily I don't like here and I'm just passing through because I would look into calling the health department on thisestablishment. Read more

Michael Fritze 2 years ago

What a filty dump. The counter person had zero personality and could not remember my order less than 1 minute after I ordered. ... Flies everywhere inside. The best thing you can do is never step inside this disaster. Read more

otha jenkins 2 years ago

I really enjoy eating at Wendy's. There food is good and always fresh. The burgers are the best ???? I have had. They lettuce... and tomatoes are always fresh and dressed like a burger should be. There menu is great also and their prices are good. Also theydon't hassle you about substations. They treat their customers like they matter. Read more