Reviews for A&W Restaurant in Mankato, MN

BlurryCat 1 year ago

Good food, I've never been inside though because I order their food off of doordash.

Kay Christenson 1 year ago

Found a hair in my cheese curds, thought it wasn?t a big deal since hairs are tiny and mistakes happen. And then I found a much... bigger hair in my cheese curds so that was sad. Didn?t want to eat the cheese curds anymore Read more

Reyna Dornquast 1 year ago

Every single time I've been in this place they never get my order right. Employees argue quite often and I'm not impressed with... the overall customer service. instead of being greeted with a smile it's almost a grumpy bum who serves me. Read more

Nick Mueller 1 year ago

One of the best fast food experiences I've had in a long time! Lance took our order and was so professional and so nice to all... the customers I couldn't believe it. Beats the heck out of ordering from a kiosk at some of the other fast food chains. And ofcourse the food was good too! Read more

Piper Reed 1 year ago

Experience is always terrible. Terrible service, greasy food, greasy employees... This will be my last time letting my family... eat here. Just ordered a single bacon cheeseburger for my younger sister. She was concerned the rude staff had possibly spit inher burger, so she was checking it out before taking a bite. Mold on the bottom bun. I bring it back, show them, they tell methey'll go remake it. I just took my refund. We were shown no sympathy and received no apology. On top of this, the girl whotook our order told us as the managers were away that she didn't blame us for getting a refund. She said she wouldn't eat hereever, and that they have roaches. Good to know! Read more

Hunter Bolte 5 years ago

This is the best A&W I have been to, the burgers are good, the fries are awesome and the atmosphere is great. The interior... looks great and the lighting is good, and they seem to keep it fairly clean. The staff are nice and do their job well. Theburgers are good but not the best out there, however the fries are definitely some of the best. The root beer is legendary andbeing able to drink out of a cold glass mug is so nice. This A&W is probably the best place to get food in the mall, and isalways a good option for lunch. Read more

Michael Bidwell 5 years ago

Nice, clean, pleasant new restaurant in the River Hills Mall. Friendly and efficient staff, quick to bring out the orders, and... the food was tasty! I had the crispy chicken sandwich (talk about filling) with fries and (of course) good old fashioned A&WRoot Beer out of the bar-style tap! I highly recommend stopping in! Read more

Andy Wilke 5 years ago

Fast and courteous service! Delicious food! Root beer is like heaven in a frosted mug! Great place for the family. Visit the... mall?s carousel after eating! Read more