Reviews for Chipotle Mexican Grill in Mankato, MN

Heidi B 1 year ago

The portion of Rice they give you is pathetic. The woman in front of me asked for a little extra Rice and the employee( who i... believe was also a manager) was completely rude. I asked for more Rice as well and got the same rude response. If I'm going topay over $10 for just a bowl I expect decent portions. Read more

lydia maciorowski 1 year ago

Heading home from our Thanksgiving vacation tonight I accidentally sent my order to Rochester instead of this store. Gal that... was at the register around 7:05pm ish on 11/26 was super friendly and gave me a number to get a refund. (We ended up gettingfood here) So much nicer then the Chipoltes up in the subburbs of the Cities and pretty decent portions... like how it used tobe circa 2010s ???? Thanks for a great experience...one we don't usually get these days at other Chipotles. Read more

Brentyn Z 1 year ago

What a joke!!! Tried the new steak burrito and got 5 little stripes of steak so I asked for double meat!! Got to check out,... asked for chips and cheese and my total came to $26.82!!!! Will never forget this one!! Let's just say, normally I can't finishthe burrito... I finished it and was still hungry!!! Totally crazy!! Read more

Jordan Rooney 1 year ago

Extremely kind staff. I ordered online and it Didn't give me the option to request the rice without cilantro. I came to the ... Restaurant early and explained that I wanted the rice without cilantro and they were super quick to make sure that I did notget the rice with the cilantro. They are super quick to get the food out and it's always hot Read more

Pauly D 1 year ago

Terrible experience. 30 minutes was lasted for my online order. I had to go through the line to remind them to make my order.... Their manager did nothing to compensate me for my wasted time. This manager was a joke with no care for customer service. Go eatanywhere else. I would give zero stars if I could. Read more

Niamh Buckley 1 year ago

They were amazingly helpful for me as I am celiac and need a strict gluten free diet. I asked if they could change their gloves... and they were really understanding, and immediately switched out all the spoons and used brand new tubs of possibly contaminatedfoods, without batting an eye. It felt really safe, and I am so grateful! Read more

Olivia Waller 1 year ago

Probably the worst chipotle I?ve had. Went just afternoon noon today on Friday August 26th. While my bowl was okay, nothing... great, not the best I?ve had, the guacamole was disgusting. It was brown and stringy which indicates the avocados were over ripeand not fresh. The chips were also very stale. Just pretty disappointing when you spend $17 and expect fresh food. Read more

Kayleah Claude 1 year ago

Really bummed. Ordered online and completely got skimped on the portions. Has happened more than once. Amount of chicken and... rice on the burrito could fit in the palm of my hand. Couldn't even get cheese or lettuce. Read more